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People say Coral Gables is the ultimate notalgia destination, recreating the charm of the 50s and delivering all the captivating goodies one could ever hope for. However, “The City Beautiful” excels in so many departments that nostalgia is only one of its perks. Turn to established local real estate agents in Coral Gables Florida, who can confirm that visitors and residents will find something extraordinary to marvel at in this astonishing town daily. Mediterranean revival architecture? Check! Upscale lifestyle? Check! Lush landscapes jazzed up by truly outstanding shopping amenities? You bet! How about the local housing market, you may ask? Professional local realtors in Coral Gables FL will tell you upfront that home prices are not for the faint of heart. Luxury, low crime rates, a glamorous lifestyle, and a thriving economy come at a cost. Overall, Coral Gables is celebrated for its aesthetic charm, carefully planned layout, and cultural attractions, creating a unique and inviting community in the Miami Metropolitan Area. Do you know the one thing that connects families, professionals, young libertines, and senior citizens nationwide? Once in their lifetime, they certainly considered moving to Coral Gables. If you’re one of them, why postpone the best decision of your life? Contact the best local real estate agents in Coral Gables FL today and start your life anew! These experienced local realtors in Coral Gables will work around the clock to deliver any housing information, listing, tips, and tricks you require. 
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For instance, suppose you entertain buying a home in Coral Gables FL on a budget. Then, you get in touch with the top local real estate agents in Coral Gables. In the blink of an eye, they will bring you up to speed with the most affordable homes in Coral Gables, such as houses, luxury villas, condos, townhouses, co-ops, and single- and multi-family units. You can purchase land in Coral Gables for your long-term investment goals. In all cases, you can rely on top-tier local realtors in Coral Gables FL. Working fast and efficiently are their core principles. In addition, they pride themselves on bringing the best properties tailored to your budget and housing requirements straight to your doorstep. Why don’t you test them?


Searching for an inexpensive rental in Coral Gables isn’t the easiest thing out there. Luckily, you can get those market-savvy local realtors in Coral Gables FL on the horn. They won’t waste a second of your time but bring the most budget-friendly alternatives for rental properties! Are you into the most modern and well-equipped rental in Coral Gables? You know where to turn!


Buying a home in Coral Gables is only one of their fortes. Licensed local real estate agents in Coral Gables FL can also assist you in selling your home in Coral Gables. Homeowners surely know by now that property prices have gone through the roof in the area. Selling a home in Coral Gables has always been a profitable business. Why would you expose yourself to countless problems and headache-inducing situations while you try selling your home in Coral Gables alone? Instead, reach out to knowledgeable local realtors in Coral Gables FL! They will list, market, and promote your property for sale. Moreover, they will organize open houses and cyber tours to host potential home buyers. Local real estate agents in Coral Gables will hold your hands till the closing day and provide you with valuable financial tips. That’s one fantastic deal you can’t refuse!


Discover the famous local real estate market in Coral Gables Florida!


As we mentioned earlier, the housing market in Coral Gables is slightly expensive. Reliable local realtors in Coral Gables reported that the median home selling price was $1.14 million as of August 2023, substantially higher than Florida and the national average. Property prices have increased by about twenty percent since 2022. As a result, the real estate market in Coral Gables Florida, isn’t very competitive in the third trimester of 2023. In other words, Coral Gables is a buyer’s market where the supply outnumbers the demand.


The good news for house hunters is that buying a home in Coral Gables goes smoothly, and chances are they will benefit from a deal as most homes sell under the list price by about three percent. Local real estate agents in Coral Gables FL will inform you that the trendiest neighborhoods in town are Flagami, Southwest Coconut Grove, Granada, and Country Club Section. Plus, it hosts some of the most well-off areas nationwide, for example, Old Cutler Bay, Hammock Oaks, Tahiti Beach, Gables Estates, and Gables By The Sea.


What makes the local economy in Coral Gables Florida so unique?


Coral Gables’ economy performs extraordinarily well. For starters, the 5.2 percent unemployment rate is lower than the national average of six percent. Analysts expect a spectacular job growth of about 36 percent in the next decade (the US average being 33.5 percent.) Thirdly, the sales tax rate for Coral Gable is lower than the American average. Moreover, the income tax rate is nonexistent (as everywhere in Florida.) Before moving to Coral Gables, you must know that a local resident’s annual average income (about $57,000) almost doubled Average Joe’s the last year. The same applies to a Coral Gables citizen’s yearly median household income. It definitely pays to live here!


However, you must be prepared to encounter higher overall prices. The cost of living in Coral Gables FL is about 74 percent pricier than the national average. Rental in Coral Gables is also costlier.  


“The Gables” is part of the thriving Miami Metro Area of South Florida. No wonder our beloved city hosts many prestigious American companies, like Burger King, the Bacardi Corporation, and the University of Miami Health System. Did you know that the University of Miami is the most significant employer in Coral Gables? Baptist Hospital of Miami, Capital Bank Financial, Fresh Del Monte Produce, and Intelsat follow the line of major economic contributors. Local real estate agents in Coral Gables FL will quickly point out that living in their charming city will get you instant access to many promising careers and well-paying job opportunities. So why don’t you give it a go?


Everything you need to know about Coral Gables, Florida!


Located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, Coral Gables is a mid-sized American town about seven miles from downtown Miami. In 2023, the population of Coral Gables is around 47,000. “The Gables” was incorporated in 1925, and its official label is a “Mediterranean-themed planned town” where all details were meticulously devised and constructed on a “virgin land.” The city is known for its Mediterranean Revival architecture, featuring red-tiled roofs, stucco exteriors, and arched doorways. This style was popularized by George Merrick, the founder of Coral Gables, who sought to create a unique and aesthetically pleasing community. 


Which are the must-see places in Coral Gables Florida?


Let’s ask the most competent local real estate agents in Coral Gables FL! First, they will tell us that The Biltmore Hotel is a no-brainer! This historic luxury hotel is an iconic landmark in Coral Gables. Built-in 1926, it features a stunning pool area and a golf course. Also, it has hosted numerous celebrities and notable figures over the years. Then, you mustn’t skip the renowned Venetian Pool under any circumstances! It’s a public and, frankly, pretty unique swimming pool because spring water from an underground aquifer feeds it. Additionally, it was designed to resemble a Venetian lagoon, complete with waterfalls, caves, and lush landscaping.


When in Coral Gables, visiting the University of Miami is a must. The prestigious private research university is known for its vigorous academic programs and vibrant campus life. Undoubtedly, one of your favorite pastime activities will be regularly seeing the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden! The 83-acre venue is dedicated to preserving and displaying tropical plants. It’s a peaceful oasis for visitors to enjoy various flora.


Should you move to Coral Gables Florida?


Coral Gables attained an incredibly high livability score of 84 percent! In other words, living in Coral Gables has many advantages that outweigh the pitfalls. Let’s start with the positive aspects, shall we? Citizens appreciate amenities, quick commute time, and the super-low crime rates. Local real estate agents in Coral Gables Florida will agree that these are indispensable criteria for creating a family-centered community. 


Besides the excellent infrastructure, low unemployment rate, and booming job market, Coral Gables excels in education. Schools in Coral Gables range from good to outstanding. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive list of the highest-rated private and public schools in the city: Sunset Elementary School, Pinecrest Elementary School, Henry S. West Laboratory School, Coral Gables Preparatory Academy, and International Studies Preparatory Academy. Also, since Coral Gables is a university town, you won’t run out of fascinating artistic and cultural events. Similarly, the city is a shopping and dining fanatic’s dream come true.


On the downside, the cost of living and real estate are moderately costlier than the US average. In addition, you must be prepared to face pretty hot summers as Coral Gables features a humid subtropical climate.


Overall, the gorgeous scenery, the mind-bending open-air activities, and the local economic potential make Coral Gables an irresistible city. If you still have doubts, why don’t you call professional local realtors in Coral Gables Florida, asap?

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