What Is The Average Income In Bentonville AR?

Answer for "What is the average income in Bentonville AR?"

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Known for its outstanding art and culinary scene, the city of Bentonville AR is the birthplace of the world’s largest retailer, and it stands out as one of the greatest cities of Arkansas. Living in Bentonville is an experience, and about 50,000 people enjoy the vibrant city atmosphere and its amenities. But, can you afford to live in the area? What is the average income in Bentonville AR?

The latest report from the United States Census Bureau shows that individuals in Bentonville AR earn a median income of about $42,000 a year. As for household earning, the median value stands at around 80,000 per year. Trends indicate a steady growth over the past years. The costs of living in Bentonville Arkansas are reasonably low, making it an attractive option for anyone desiring to relocate here.

As for job opportunities, there are plenty in the area. With low costs of living and a prosperous economy, more people desire to live in the city of Bentonville AR, and we can see it clearly in the population growth experienced by the area in the past years. But with population growth, the city is experiencing not only an average income increase but also an increase in expenses.

The most notable increase is reflected in the median home price. As more people are relocating into the city, the demand for homes goes up, and so do the prices. According to Zillow, Bentonville’s median home value is currently standing at $280,000, and prices keep going up. With the current average home prices, it is hard to find any homes for sale below the price point of $100,000 in Bentonville.

However, if you want to find out more details about the current situation of the housing market, get in touch with real estate agents in Bentonville AR for more information. Without question, Bentonville is a great place to live, and it provides plenty of opportunities for fun, work, leisure, and education.


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