Where Is Fort Washington MD Located?

Definition of "Where is Fort Washington MD located?"

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Finding Fort Washington, MD on the map is not something too complicated. Just south of Washington D.C. in a perfect location for it to protect the nation’s capital for a Potomac River invasion. That is after all the purpose for which the current census designated place came to be. What is more complicated and interesting to know is what that location provides for the town. 

History of a Fort

The actual Fort that still stands today is, actually, the second fort constructed in that area with the same purpose, to defend Washington D.C. Used in the Civil War as well as First and Second World Wars, it was at one point suggested that the George Washington Memorial Parkway should end at Fort Washington but that never came to fruition. Today, the fort at Fort Washington, MD is a part of the National Park system and is used for historical preservation and recreation.

The importance of location

If back during the times when Fort Washington was the only line of defense for Washington D.C. its location was of utmost importance as it was built specifically in that area for defense purposes. Now, that same location works perfectly for proximity purposes for all the residents that chose out of the available homes for sale in Fort Washington, MD.

Fort Washington to Washington D.C.

As there is a distance of only 19.2 miles between the two cities that don’t take more than 34 minutes to cover, the residents of Fort Washington, MD can easily work in DC for higher earning jobs and enjoy the small-town life here. With lower crime rates and a more affordable cost of living, residents of this historical town have many benefits to living this close to the capital. Just contact the local real estate agents in Fort Washington, MD for more information.

Fort Washington to New York

For those who want to spend a weekend in, possibly the most glamorous city in the nation, the four hour drive might be tempting. Even if it’s just to see a show on Broadway and a walk through Central Park, it can be worth a short trip, especially during special events or holidays.

Fort Washington to the coast

Chesapeake Beach, MD is around 46 minutes away by car and you’ll get to spend some time in the waves. A weekend trip or a short summer holiday seems very accessible when you take the distance, or rather, proximity into account.


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