What Cities Are Near Clermont Florida?

Answer for "What cities are near Clermont Florida?"

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If you're in the process of moving, there's a good chance that you've already researched a laundry list of questions. You might have searched up the average price of a home in a prospective new city, or the median violent and property crime rates of that same city. These are all important questions to ask, no doubt, but aren't you forgetting something? 


That's right: there's one more question you might want to start asking. That question is in regards to proximity; namely, how close is your potential new home to other cities, both large and small? For those looking to avoid troubles with finding employment and other related issues, researching the area surrounding your potential new home is important indeed. So what cities lie in the general proximity of Clermont? Let’s find out! 

Orlando, Florida


The largest city within 30 miles of Clermont is the bustling, fast paced city of Orlando. This thriving metropolis is home to a healthy 280,000 residents, as well as some of the largest companies in the state. With ample opportunities for employment, education and entertainment, this city is sure to provide you with anything that you might be missing out on in Clermont FL. 

Apopka, Florida


Another charming, lively city that lies within 30 miles of Clermont is Apopka FL. This mid sized city has come to prominence as the world capital of indoor foliage, with its unparalleled list of foliage growers and suppliers. In addition to their agricultural industry, Apopka is also home to a wide range of things to do and see, as well as a truly mouth watering culinary scene. If you end up in Clermont FL, be sure to pay them a visit! 


For those considering a move to Clermont, you can rest assured that there are plenty of delightful cities in its general proximity. If you’re set on making this city your home, you’ll need to get in touch with one of the real estate agents in Clermont FL. These experienced, professional realtors will help you find a home that suits your needs in as little time as possible. We hope you enjoy the beautiful city of Clermont!


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