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REAL estate potential in the 2026 FIFA World Cup in the USA

In a joint bid, it was announced that the United States, Mexico, and Canada will host the 2026 FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) World Cup of Soccer. Suppose you’re not a great fan of this sport. Even in that case, we still recommend you explore several aspects the 2026 FIFA World Cup brings to the United States economic- and real estate-wise. Because who can tell? The significant influx of foreign travelers and investors into our country might result in you negotiating amazing deals.

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All you ever need to know about the background of the 2026 FIFA World Cup!

september 2021 world cup usa image

We put our trust in the US soccer team to get it together and start playing as well as we did in 2002. Remember? Back in those days, we sent Portugal (with Figo, then voted best player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the biggest legends of the sport, and Deco) back home. However, Germany, the World Cup’s runner-up, eliminated us in the quarterfinals. Yet, soccer’s popularity grew exponentially in the US and motivated people to create their own innovative recreational centers at home to practice the sports. 

Being a World Cup host is massive news, as the FIFA World Cup is by far the biggest sports event on the planet. In 2014, more than 3.2 billion (you got that right!) people watched the finals between Germany and Argentina on TV, registering 32 million tweets during the 90-minute game. Numbers are so impressive that it makes the Super Bowl viewership (111 million in 2015) shy away. Right there, we already get to form an opinion of the immense economic potential of the World Cup, ready to be exploited.

A historic moment – 1994, featuring soccer legends.

rio brazil statue

This breath-taking 2026 event will not be our first rodeo either. In 1994 we already hosted, all by ourselves, one of the most memorable World Cups of the modern age. Won by soccer masters Brazil (the biggest winners with 5 trophies under their belt), the FIFA World Cup gifted us with many memorable moments inside the pitch. 

For instance, the event marked the retirement of one of the best to ever play the game (Argentina’s Diego Maradona) and the shining of several outstanding players, such as Romania’s Gheorghe Hagi, Bulgaria’s Hristo Stoichkov, Italy’s Roberto Baggio, and Brazil’s Romario, all players at their prime. 

However, out of the game itself, again, that World Cup was pretty mind-blowing. For those who are too young to remember or weren’t even born (damn, we feel old now,) the American audience went crazy with the event. To this day, it’s the FIFA World Cup with the highest attendance: an average of 69,000 people went to the stadiums to watch quality soccer, with a total of 3.6 million people for the 52 games. 

Due to Soccer, an updated listing service had to be implemented.

real estate professional listing

The demand for soccer became so big that it led to the creation of a different MLS. Yes, suppose you’re a real estate agent dealing with a soccer fan. In that case, chances are they’ll be confused when you talk about listing a property effectively on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service.) The only MLS they know is Major League Soccer, which has grown dramatically since its first tournament in 1996 and has fervent fans all across the country. In the 2011 season, it had higher average attendance than the NBA and the NHL.

So there’s no discussion that a FIFA World Cup can attract many people and money here. And there’s no discussion that we can be great World Cup Hosts and make an unforgettable one in and out of the soccer pitch. History is there to prove us right. However, being a World Cup host is not always rosy.

FIFA under scrutiny

In the last decades, FIFA, the federation regulating soccer worldwide, has become the target of FBI investigations and the subject of many protests worldwide. The main complaint revolves around corruption and the high costs of hosting the event. 

The host can wipe its sheet clean and benefit from tourism.

group of asian people watching football

We must draw some conclusions by looking at the last World Cup hosts and the unfortunate course of events. From the very start, we must strive to avoid turning the celebration into a bad memory and define the expectations of the event’s objective for our country. What do we mean by that? In 2006, Germany had one specific goal when bidding to become the World Cup host: boosting tourism and marketing. 

The German committee wanted to change their country’s public image. Firstly, they wished the world to see German people as friendly and welcoming. Besides, organizers outlined eliminating the still-existing World War II perception of them being cold and distant people. From top to bottom – from the well-trained tourist personnel and the promotion of landmarks and attractions to the relaxed way their young players played – they did an excellent job with that. 

The other extreme: the damage caused by being sloppy

aerial view of football field

Brazil, the 2014 FIFA World Cup hosts, faced the opposite of that problem. Their people were known as one of the friendliest in the world. Plus, Brazil could showcase some remarkable tourist attractions. However, there seemed to be no big-picture plan behind their decision to host the event. 

They failed to invent a thorough outline of how to drive tourism and display some of their most prominent features. So, they hosted, and the event itself was great. Still, after the tournament ended, there was a national sentiment that something went wrong and all was for nothing. In other words, the FIFA World Cup legacy was nowhere to be found. 

Less than a year after the event, some stadiums that had cost millions to build were left abandoned. The number of tourists outside the tournament didn’t improve or decrease. It just made no positive difference. Of course, it wasn’t the only reason. Two years later, a severe economic recession kicked in after the Olympic Games, also hosted by Brazil. Nevertheless, many pundits credit this as one of the political catalysts of the subsequent impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff in 2016.

Learning from past mistakes

So, it seems that planning is essential for America (and Canada and Mexico) to do a great job being World Cup Hosts amid so many controversies. The United States won the right to organize the 2026 FIFA world cup by pledging to use the sports event as leverage to promote civil rights, anti-discrimination, and anti-harassment of the LGBT community. Therefore, America approximates more to Germany’s plans than Brazil’s.

What US cities are hosting the 2026 world cup?

march 19 kansas city

The most burning question for every soccer fan has been: where is the 2026 world cup? FIFA officially announced the list with the US cities organizing the matches at the 2026 World Cup on the 16th of June 2022. These American cities feature eleven venues; Mexico has three, while Canada has two. In addition, 48 teams will play in these venues for the first time in history.

The list of 2026 world cup US cities goes as follows: 

  1. Atlanta (Mercedes-Benz Stadium)
  2. Boston (Gillette Stadium)
  3. Dallas (AT&T Stadium)
  4. Houston (NRG Stadium)
  5. Kansas City, Missouri (Arrowhead Stadium)
  6. Los Angeles (SoFi Stadium)
  7. Miami (Hard Rock Stadium)
  8. New York (MetLife Stadium) 
  9. Philadelphia (Lincoln Financial Field)
  10. San Francisco Bay Area (Levi’s Stadium)
  11. Seattle (Lumen Field)

Cindy Parlow Cone, US Soccer President, commented in a public announcement. “It’s a historic day for US Soccer and the entire American soccer community, from every corner of our grassroots all the way to the pros and our National Teams.” She goes on the record “… excited to work with FIFA to host what we think will be the greatest World Cup in history” (Source: ESPN Soccer.)

And here are those cities that were considered front runners but unfortunately never made the list of the 2026 world cup cities: Baltimore/Washington, Orlando, Florida, Cincinnati, Nashville, Tennessee, Denver, and Edmonton. Still, these won’t have to worry about missing out big time since many tourists and investors will undoubtedly visit them during the 2026 world cup.

World Cup 2026 tickets prices

fans presenting tickets

Organizers haven’t made tickets for the 2026 World Cup available yet. We advise you to check the FIFA official website for updates. Consequently, we don’t have accurate information on the world cup 2026 ticket prices. However, we can establish an estimate based on the 2022 Qatar World Cup admission prices. So, according to Yahoo Sports, admission fees for Qatar are as follows.

Admission fees for Qatar:

  • Tickets for the opening match cost between $55-$300 (depending on the stand.)
  • The admission fee for matches in group play costs between $11-$220.
  • Tickets for the round of 16: $20-$275.
  • Quarterfinals: $82.30-$425.
  • Semifinals: $137-$955.
  • Third-place match: $82-$425
  • Finals: the cheapest ticket (category 1) costs $603, while the most expensive, category 1, admission fee costs $1,605!

Therefore, World Cup 2022 ticket prices have increased by more than 60 percent since the last World Cup in 2018. It’s not a far fetch assumption that world cup 2026 ticket prices will cost even more foreseeably. 

US cities, here come the tourists!

welcome to the usa road sign

From our real estate point of view, the 2026 Fifa World Cup can be a fantastic tool to drive tourism. The potential to generate substantial revenue is unfathomable. American tourists and travelers from abroad are expected to “invade” these cities, leaving a genuine fortune behind them.

As the tournament is always held during the summer, tourists going to the best vacation destinations might now bundle up the trip with a game or two. But it could also have tourism plans targeted to other places besides our most time-honored yet trendy tourist hotspots, such as the most beautiful state parks in Florida, trendy tourist destinations in California, or the attractions in the Big Apple.

Everybody can have a piece of the pie. 

Smaller markets in the US, like Columbus, Ohio, can enjoy an upheaval in tourism, even if they weren’t selected as host cities. It makes sense since all those cities have Major League Soccer clubs with many supporters attending the games. 

On the one hand, you have fans attending the games and tourists flocking to these places that are not that known to the international public. 

The local economy will thrive at the 2026 FIFA world cup locations.

business man holographic sign

The local economy will undoubtedly benefit from so many out-of-towners visiting their city. City tours will flourish, and regional must-see tourist attractions must invent a thorough plan to handle so many people. In addition, hotels, motels, taverns, resorts, and lodgings must implement preparations, such as their online booking systems, to accommodate such a significant inflow of travelers. 

Then, hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup can motivate vast infrastructure investments,  especially roads and transportation. We can observe an economic circle here. Infrastructure aids tourism, which, in its turn, helps the economy. And finally, the economy gives the real estate market a helping hand to thrive. 

How can a real estate investor benefit from the 2026 FIFA World Cup?

business man holding huge amount of bills

Why wouldn’t you follow in the footsteps of hotels on a smaller scale? Suppose you own a second home in the organizing cities or the vicinity. You can rent them out for the long run or use them as Airbnbs. Suppose you don’t own a property for this purpose yet. In that case, we highly recommend you investigate your options of purchasing a second home, vacation rentals, or log cabins. 

Many tourists prefer renting an Airbnb to traditional hotels. The psychology behind this is manifold. Firstly, they love the privacy and space of Airbnbs. Secondly, they hope they can cut costs by sharing an accomodation with their friends. Also, a hotel can get overcrowded, thus creating too much locomotion and noise. While hotels will benefit from it, people who undertake Airbnb renting will also have an excellent opportunity to raise prices during the event and cash in substantial revenue.

Purchasing a second home and marketing it as an Airbnb rental

minsk belarus airbnb

To buy a second property and transform it into a rental unit, you must investigate the local real estate market in the cities mentioned above. However, we can confirm that buying a home in these cities requires substantial wealth on your behalf. We suggest you explore the neighboring areas, towns, and municipalities to ease your investment efforts.

Acquiring a second real estate for Airbnb purposes will get only worse in time, knowing the present situation of the US housing market. US real estate predictions aren’t too bright for the year of the tiger. Various factors keep the market in shackles and prices up, such as gas prices, the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war, and the shortage of cost-effective housing. For this reason, you must be up-to-date with topical news by reading premium real estate content

Selling your home and other sources of revenue during the 2026 FIFA world cup.

hand writing time to sell concept

Suppose managing an Airbnb rental doesn’t suit you. Property maintenance, dealing with potential damages to your Airbnb, and inconsistent income can be a nuisance. Then, there are other options you can choose to make a significant profit during the 2026 FIFA world cup. 

Selling your real estate to a foreign buyer.

Real estate will be in great demand. First and foremost, you can sell your home in one of the 2026 world cup cities. Mark our words; foreign investors will most certainly be looking around for properties they eventually want to buy on US soil. It works similarly when you’re interested in international property investments. Dealing with foreign investors is an art form since they can be cunning negotiators. Nevertheless, we must conclude that investors from abroad can revitalize the US economy and provide you with a decent profit.

House flipping

happy cartoon overall woman

The science behind house flipping is fairly straightforward. You find a turnaround property, a rundown building, or one lost to foreclosure. Then, you make an offer on the property, for example, at a real estate auction, and in the best case, you purchase it. Afterward, you finance its facelift and sell it for a greater profit. Provided that you don’t run out of cash flow to fund its sometimes overwhelming renovation expenses. Though many raise their voices against the very concept, house flipping can still be a hit in 2026.


Whether you believe it or not, warehouses make profitable investments. The core idea is that eCommerce has become a genuine business rival to the traditional retail trade. As a result, concrete warehouses are in demand to store goods that later will be shipped to users placing the order. 

More people will order online during the 2026 FIFA world cup. Owning a warehouse is a sure financial hit. On the one hand, you can also manage these orders. Or, you can sell your property for more than a decent sum. Large chains of wholesale suppliers are always on the lookout to expand.

Check the housing market in and near the 2026 World Cup cities in the US! 

Let’s look at the real estate market of some of the 2026 FIFA world cup locations. We will point out the current median home sale price. Ideally, it would be best for you to invest in a property in the cities where the main event occurs. Still, let’s face it; homes here can be exorbitantly expensive. For this purpose, we will suggest you consider the neighboring cities and towns with more affordable real estate to purchase.

Atlanta, Georgia

downtown skyline atlanta georgia

The best local real estate agents in Atlanta, Georgia, reported that the median sale price was about $420,000 as of June 2022. Real estate prices have increased by 3.5 percent since last year. Over the previous three years, the local housing market trends have shown a steady upsurge in home costs. 

As alternatives, we suggest you look into Forest Park, GA, near Atlanta, with a median home value of $67,000. South Fulton, GA (30 miles from Atlanta with a $350,000 median home price,) Augusta, GA ($210,000), and Cusseta, GA, with an average house price of $375,000. The last two cities are about a two-hour drive from Atlanta.

Boston, Massachusetts

The median home sale price in Boston, Massachusetts, was approximately $780,000 at the end of the second trimester of 2022, meaning a 3.6 percent increase since 2021. In addition, realtors in Boston MA, don’t expect prices to grow significantly in the next few years. You might wish to check the neighboring cities and towns, such as Westford ($710,000), Watertown ($773,000), and Woburn, MA ($635,000), for more affordable investment opportunities preparing for the 2026 World Cup.

Dallas, Texas

dallas texas usa plaza skyline

Who would’ve thought that the housing market in the astonishing city of Dallas, Texas, isn’t over-priced? You could buy a property at the median price of about $455,000 in June 2022. Real estate prices grew by about 13.5 percent in one year, according to the best local real estate agents in Dallas TX. Still, the market is reported to be highly competitive, so you can expect costs to increase in the next period. 

Suppose the amount sounds colossal to your budget. In that case, we advise you to look into Grand Prairie (featuring homes available at an average of $385,000), Duncanville ($305,000), and Cedar Hill, TX ($336,000.)

Houston, Texas

Homes, on average, sell for $340,000 in the wonderful city of Houston, Texas. Beware, though. The best realtors in Houston TX, warn you that prices have steadily been increasing in the region since 2019. So you can expect a further rise in home expenses. Instead, you can invest in a property near Houston, such as Deer Park (the median sale price being $286,000), Humble, TX ($310,000), and Clear Lake City, TX ($235,000.)

Kansas City, Missouri

kansas city usa downtown

If we were you, we’d move into this incredible city as soon as possible! Kansas City properties are now available at $278,000, increasing about 12.6 percent since last year. During the previous three years, home expenses grew gradually. For this reason, we wouldn’t be too surprised if they inflated even more as we approach 2026. Gladstone ($263,000), Independence ($200,000), and Raytown, MO ($225,500) are ideal nearby cities and alternatives to Kansas City to purchase a home.

The City of Angels, California

Los Angeles, CA, features some of the most expensive homes in our nation. Local real estate agents in Los Angeles CA, will confirm this. As of June 2022, the median home price was slightly above one million bucks, defining an 8.5 percent increase since 2021. Considering Los Angele’s real estate trends, properties will likely cost more in the foreseeable future. 

However, you can bet that tourists will, by all means, storm the city in unimaginable numbers. For less pricey homes, check out the nearby towns, such as Anaheim ($878,000), Whittier ($800,000), and Santa Clarita, California ($700,000.)

Miami, Florida, Capital of Latin America

beautiful miami beach florida fish eye

Actually, homes aren’t that costly here in the second semester of 2022. The median home sale price in Miami, Florida, was about $530,000. Suppose you entertain the idea of living in one of the cleanest cities in the US. In that case, we wholeheartedly recommend hiring talented real estate agents in Miami to show you around for low-cost housing options! 

Plantation, FL ($498,000,) Davie, FL ($493,000,), and Sunrise, FL ($340,000) are superb choices to live next to Miami. In a nutshell, there are so many best places to live in Florida with homes on a budget that it’s virtually impossible to choose one.

The City That Never Sleeps, New York

Don’t you know that you can find housing in New York without breaking a sweat? For sure, real estate in New York can take a toll on your budget if you’re not too careful. After the COVID pandemic and lockdown, real estate prices began slowly to climb again and reach their initial heights pre-2020. Thus, the median home price in New York is $810,000 but will doubtfully remain the same. Just ask for the professional opinion of expert realtors in New York City!

One thing is sure. Suppose you want to give a more stable real estate market a chance in a nearby city. Then, we recommend Edison, NY ($560,000,) Hoboken ($790,000), and Jersey City, NY ($700,000.) The Big Apple will make a fantastic 2026 FIFA world cup location. 

The City of Brotherly Love, Pennsylvania

philadelphia city view skyline

Buying a home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will cost you $290,000 on average as of June 2022. Top-tier realtors in Philadelphia PA, will confirm that real estate prices in Philly stagnated with only a 3.6 percent increase since last year. As a result, this could mark your grand entrance into the local housing market! In fact, it’s challenging to come by cities featuring such affordable markets as Rocjy’s city. Off the top of our minds, we could recommend New Castle, PA ($240,000,) Wilmington, PA ($285,000), and King of Prussia, PA ($351,000.)

Santa Clara, California

Levi’s Stadium is located in Santa Clara in the San Francisco Bay (metropolitan) Area. Suppose you wish to explore your investment opportunities in this 2026 World Cup city close to the soccer action. Then, your best chance is to reach out to professional real estate agents in Santa Clara CA

They will inform you that the median home sale price reached $1,540,000 in the middle of 2022, translating to an increase of ten percent since last year’s numbers. Besides, the housing market is most competitive in this charming city. Therefore, no one knows when this rise will stop. As an alternative to Santa Clara, we suggest purchasing a home in San Mateo, CA ($1,450,000,) Oakland, CA ($990,000,) or Hayward, CA ($900,000.) 

The Emerald City

colorful seattle city downtown

Nationwide, homebuyers have rediscovered their appetite to buy homes in the city, making the market highly competitive. According to skilled local real estate agents in Seattle WA, the median sale price in their city was approximately $875,000. Real estate prices increased spectacularly by about eight percent since January 2022, then only $710,000. 

Still, you can find less expensive estates in the neighboring towns, such as Everett, WA ($626,000,) Federal Way, WA ($600,000), and Gig Harbor, Washington (783,000.)


Organizing this world-class event poses a series of complex challenges for us. We must promptly and adequately respond to deficiencies in infrastructure, tourism management, local crime rates, etc. 

At all times, we must consider that the 2026 FIFA world cup brings countless advantages to the US economy and real estate market. So, our efforts will be amply rewarded. You can also benefit from this event! Invest smartly now, so you can steal the show later! Reach out to the best local realtors in your area today since time is against you. 

If these brand new prospects intrigue you, you might wish to contact expert local real estate agents in your area. Subsequently, they’ll be quick to point out that opening to foreign investors as a promising real estate niche constitutes a largely uncharted territory now accessible to small investors. So let’s dive deep into the economic background and benefits the 2026 world cup cities in the US may enjoy!
What do you think? How do you see us being the 2026 FIFA World Cup Host? Do you think the FIFA World Cup will assist or ruin US real estate? We know by now that politics influences the housing business, another aspect to consider before investing. Nevertheless, we’re psyched to encounter and host vast crowds of people screaming from the top of our lungs: GOAAAAAAAAL!


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