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Are you looking for a beautiful beach resort with an incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean? Do you fancy a hidden gem that’s strikingly more affordable than California or Florida? Then, Bethany Beach in Sussex County might just be the ideal moving destination for you and your family! This small (land area: 1.1 square mile) but extremely visitor-friendly community counted about 932 souls in 2022. Ask expert local real estate agents in Bethany Beach Delaware, what living in Bethany feels like. They will tell you that their charming and tiny town encapsulates all the perks of the major beach vacation places. The truth must be said, though, the mini-city doesn’t cater to party faces since primarily families choose to live here. If you’re into chill-out vibes, building sandcastles in the sun, and a piece of mind, you can’t go wrong betting on Bethany Beach! Many people dream about moving to Bethany Beach, but few can pull it off. Why wouldn’t you make your dreams come true? Contact skilled local real estate agents in Bethany Beach DE, today and get an offer you can’t refuse! Though the housing market is moderately pricey, the best local realtors in Bethany Beach DE will care for you and hook you up with a house according to your budget! But decide quickly because there are a limited number of homes in Bethany! Are you interested in cheap rentals in Bethany Beach with an ocean view? Why don’t you get in touch with licensed local realtors in Bethany Beach Delaware? These neighborhood-friendly local real estate agents are always up-to-date with the latest listings of properties for sale and rent. In addition, they will know which home is best for you! You can now rent apartments, houses, and townhomes on a budget without breaking the bank!
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Selling a property in Bethany Beach is an excellent idea if you want decent revenue on your initial investment. The housing market in Bethany Beach is picking up as we speak. So don’t hesitate or postpone getting these skillful local real estate agents in Bethany Beach DE on the horn. They can represent your best interests better than anyone! Plus, you won’t even break a sweat during your home sale! Local realtors in Bethany Beach DE work around the clock, fast, and efficient! Thus, you don’t have to endure all the stress and hassle typically associated with this perplexing process. Their specialty is listing and marketing a property, setting it up for sale, and organizing open houses. Plus, if you choose to work with established local real estate agents in Bethany Beach DE, you’ll get your home’s highest price on the market! 

Browse through a small, potent real estate market in Bethany Beach, Delaware!

We won’t trick you; the housing market in Bethany Beach is not for the faint of heart! Hidden touristic paradises generally come at a price. Knowledgeable local realtors in Bethany Beach DE reported that the median home sale price was $765,000 as of August 2022. Would you believe prices have increased by about 28 percent since last year? 

All stats add up to the region’s slightly competitive real estate market. Top local real estate agents in Bethany Beach DE will inform you that this will bring advantages for both homebuyers and sellers. House-hunters can negotiate prices, and home sellers will receive multiple offers. If you own a hot home, you might even have the chance to sell it three percent above the listing price.

You might also want to know that, on average, real estate in Bethany Beach sells at 100 percent more than Delaware homes. However, if you’re looking for a cheap rental, you are at the right place. Rents in Bethany Beach are about 100 percent lower than the state average. In a nutshell, the town is experiencing an exciting period real estate-wise.

The local economy is a mixed bag in Bethany Beach, Delaware.

Skillful local real estate agents in Bethany Beach DE will inform you that the local unemployment rate is slightly higher than the US average. However, you have no reasons to be concerned about this temporary economic setback because analysts predict a genuine revival. In the next decade, the quick rate of local job growth will surpass the US average. Another great news is the local sales tax rate is non-existent. 

You’d better prepare for hefty monthly expenses because the cost of living in Bethany Beach is about 41 percent higher than the US average and about 36 percent more expensive than the Delaware median. Groceries, utilities, and healthcare services cost more than the average American city. Nevertheless, local realtors in Bethany Beach DE will quickly point out that a resident’s yearly income in 2021 was around $44,200 instead of the US average of $28,500. So the prospect of you obtaining a well-paying job is achievable. Manufacturing goods, tourism, education, healthcare services, and retail trade are the legion’s prominent industries.

Must-see places in Bethany Beach, Delaware

This heavenly resort town provides newcomers and residents with excellent activities. Local realtors in Bethany Beach DE recommend visiting the famous half-mile Boardwalk if you’re into jogging, biking, or attending the legendary Funnel Cake Fries concerts on Thursdays. Secondly, you might want to check Captain Jack’s Pirate Golf if you fancy playing golf on professional courses. You never tasted delicious seafood dishes until you haven’t tried Bluecoast Seafood Grill and Raw Bar! Among the must-see places in Bethany, Garfield Parkway is a winner. The fantastic venue organizes entertaining movie nights for families.

What are the perks of moving to Bethany Beach, Delaware?

Expert local real estate agents in Bethany Beach DE would advise families and professionals working in neighboring towns that moving to their city is an idea worth their while. Major cities, such as Baltimore, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia, are close to Bethany Beach, making commuting effortless. And what is more refreshing than enjoying the pristine beaches after a long day’s work? 

If you reach out to top-tier local realtors in Bethany Beach DE, they can bring you up to speed about the pros and cons of living in their town. Moving to Bethany Beach equals exposure to economic and financial perks, such as a growing job market and a better-than-average annual salary. Out-of-towners are welcome by locals cherishing a solid sense of community. For this reason, Bethany proudly embraces its small-town feel. Besides, the climate is pleasantly moderate throughout the year. And did we mention the abundance of outdoor recreational activities?

One of the drawbacks is the higher than average real estate prices. However, local realtors in Bethany Beach DE can come up with a low-priced solution for you! Then, the cost of living and crime rate is slightly higher than the state average. Since we’re discussing a tiny and family-friendly town, don’t expect ‘wild’ nightlife! 

All in all, the beach pearl of Delaware is worth your time and money. In doubt, give local real estate agents in Bethany Beach Delaware, a holler! In no time will they convince you that dreams can be reached in this unique place!

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