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Do you want to bet on a sure winner? With The City of Trees, you can’t go wrong! The stunning city of Boise, Idaho’s capital, is located in the state’s southwestern region on the beautiful Boise River in Ada County. Its mesmerizing geographical setting makes Boise a perfect destination for adventure-seekers, adrenaline addicts, families, and young professionals. Reach out to professional local real estate agents in Boise Idaho, to get an insider’s glimpse into your affordable housing options in the city! Boise, Idaho, features low-cost and (slightly overpriced?) real estate extravaganzas for you to consider. Suppose you fancy buying one specific type of home in Boise. In that case, you can count on the assistance of experienced local realtors in Boise ID! Listed real estate in Boise encompass every type of home you can think of: townhouses, single- and multi-family homes, condominiums, villas, mansions, co-ops, and mobile homes. Can you feel it? You’re only one step away from accomplishing your dream in Boise! Are you a resident bent on selling your home in Boise? To avoid the pitfalls of the tricky housing market in town, you might want to contact licensed local real estate agents in Boise ID. No more stress, bickering, frustration over house-hunters absence, and offers below your listed price! Working with knowledgeable local realtors in Boise ID means coming face-to-face with the highest professionalism and respectful and customer-oriented treatment. They will market, list, stage your home, and provide valuable financial clues. Calling these friendly local real estate agents in Boise Idaho, doesn’t cost anything!
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What to expect in terms of housing market prices in Boise, Idaho?

The real estate market in Boise, ID, is moderately competitive. Let’s see what this notion entails! There’s a healthy balance between housing demand and supply, and, more or less, home buyers and sellers are even-steven. As a result, buyers might enjoy a tiny room for negotiating property prices. Remember, turn to trained local real estate agents in Boise ID to benefit from housing negotiation perks!

As of August 2022, Boise’s median home sale price was about $485,000, with $307 for a square foot, meaning that prices have dropped around three percent since 2021. Generally, real estate prices seem to be decreasing since May 2022, reaching an all-time high of about $600,000. Typically, real estate in the City of Trees is 14 percent pricier than the Idaho average. In the meantime, rentals in Boise are nine percent more expensive than the state median.

So, home buyers, this period of the year might be the perfect time to purchase a home or piece of land! It would be best to give local realtors in Boise ID a shout-out, and they will take care of the rest of the business.

Suppose you intend to sell your assets in Boise. Then, you should know that, on average, properties receive at least two offers and stay on the market for 17 days. In addition, homes in Boise sell approximately one to five percent below the list price. Again, skillful local realtors in Boise ID should be your top choice to obtain the highest returns!

Prepare for a local economy full of potential in Boise, Idaho!

Trolls can rant about our beloved city, yet not even they can take away the impressive economic progress Boise has achieved recently. For starters, the unemployment rate in Bosie was at a record-breaking low point of 3.6 percent in 2021 as opposed to the American average of six percent. However, the story doesn’t end here; the local job market is on an astonishing rise. Analysts predict a regional future job growth of 51 percent (while the US average is only 33.5 percent.) Based on 2021 stats, a Boise resident’s average annual income equals the US average, around $29,000. On the downside, the cost of living in Boise is about 3.6 percent higher than the US average and six percent higher than the state median. 

You won’t miss significant career opportunities moving to Boise in any domain you can think of. The city has attracted many notable and nationally acclaimed top investors, businesses, and companies, always looking for talented and motivated employees. Let’s see some big guns: Hewlett-Packard Co. / HP Inc., Blue Cross of Idaho, Fred Meyer, Wells Fargo, Idaho Power Co, Albertsons Inc., etc. Suppose you’re not entirely convinced that the town will breathe new life into your career. Why don’t you contact local realtors in Boise ID, to get a fresh perspective on the local economy and booming job market?

Pleasant surprises galore in Boise, Idaho

Let’s see some of the best outdoor and must-see indoor places that the best local realtors in Boise ID will recommend! We’ve already established that the city is affordable and family-friendly. Besides, it created many events and venues that cater to every taste. The Zoo Boise showcases plenty of rare and fun animals where you and your family can enjoy the best times. Next, see the Idaho Botanical Garden displaying countless colorful plants and flowers. Visit the Discovery Center of Idaho, which is fully equipped with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) activities and interactive programs which make learning about science fun. You can bet that exploring the Roaring Springs Water Park will mean the world to your kids! Boise will never cease to amaze you!

Moving to Boise is an adventure; living there is a blast!

Looking for affordable houses or apartments for rent in Boise because you’re enrolling at Boise State University? (Go Broncos!) Or maybe you’re looking for homes for sale in Boise, Idaho, because you are already in love with this extraordinary place? Whatever the case, we get it. And these top-tier local real estate agents in Boise ID, genuinely want to help you choose the best property to buy or rent in Boise. Boise is a hidden gem from “The Gem State.” More and more people have been discovering how attractive the Boise real estate market is via competent local realtors in Boise ID. 

Aside from living in this booming place, skilled local real estate agents in Boise ID (and the citizens of Boise, of course) benefit from a commercial real estate trend going on since 2012. Many Big Box retail stores and local technology startups are setting shop downtown or just outside town, following what Hewlett Packard did in the 1970s. It’s not “just” money and jobs pouring into Idaho that makes Boise, its capital, desirable. With some of the best school districts in Idaho, plus some of the biggest and best universities not only in Idaho but the whole northwestern region, Boise is a great place to move in with the family. The Tree City, or The Treasure City, as Boise is known, has quality hospitals, incredible scenic views, hundreds of outdoor activities possibilities - during the summer and the winter - and great museums and theaters! 

Another reason that draws people to Boise is its food. Not just the potatoes but also the big Basque community present in the city, which rendered some outstanding Spanish Basque cuisine. Plus, local real estate agents in Boise ID will tell you that the smell, because of all the nature around, is delicious! No wonder homes for sale in Boise average a few days in the market, from listing to offer. Suppose you need to find professional local real estate agents in Boise Idaho because you need a house to rent or buy. Then, you have come to the right place! Just scroll up, read the agent’s bios and contact your favorite local real estate agent in Boise to help you make your dream come true!

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