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Are you looking for real estate agents in Brentwood TN? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here you won’t only find some of the best realtors in Brentwood TN, but you’ll also find information related to the area that caught your eye. Whether you’re looking to move to this great place to live in Nashville’s metropolitan area, or planning to relocate elsewhere, we can help you out with some relevant information about any part of Tennessee. The local real estate agents in Brentwood TN consider their city to be an ideal city for raising a family. In most rankings, it doesn’t only lead the Williamson County and the Nashville area lists of best places to set up roots and build a life with your family, but it ranks at the top in all of Tennessee. Few other cities can pride themselves like that and the local realtors in Brentwood TN will surely mention this, especially to young couples. Aside from that, however, Brentwood, Tennessee, is a great place to live overall, leading the tops for the county, Nashville area, and state. This relatively small suburb seems to check all the boxes and one look at the safety ratings will entice you to pack your bags and contact our real estate agents in Brentwood TN in the blink of an eye. Browsing for homes in this city is a lot easier if you have some top realtors in Brentwood TN on your speed dial. They can help you out with everything from deciding which home is worth visiting up to the closing day. They’ll be there for you every step of the way. Below you’ll find some of the best real estate agents in Brentwood TN that we collaborate with. The local realtors in Brentwood TN all have the expertise necessary to answer your questions and advise you through your real estate transaction process.

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The city of Brentwood, Tennessee is one of the most desirable suburbs of Nashville, the Music Capital of the World. Aside from its location in relation to Nashville, real estate agents in Brentwood TN are sure the county’s scenic surroundings will ignite your appreciation for the wide outdoors that are only a stone throw away from the city. But before we get into everything that is great about Brentwood, Tennessee, let’s take a closer look at the factors that most influence potential buyers to finalize the purchase of a home in this city.

Housing Market in Brentwood, Tennessee

As the best suburb of Nashville, TN, many people look towards Brentwood when they set their sights on the Music City. That can come in part because of the more peaceful way of life accessible in the much smaller city, which is why the population of Brentwood has been constantly growing over the past several decades. Realtors in Brentwood TN know that their city’s appeal isn’t limited to that however as the parks, the amenities, educational system and overall quality of life can also be deemed responsible. The best thing about this suburb is the commute to Nashville and back as any resident that’s working in Nashville knows. With both Interstate 65 and the US-31 heading straight north towards Nashville, traffic jams are less likely to happen even during rush-hour. Real estate agents in Brentwood TN know that having two options is better than relying on one.

The one thing that shocks most people who look at Brentwood for home purchasing is the housing prices. Realtors in Brentwood TN often say that their city is the perfect example for which you shouldn’t only look at housing prices when you’re thinking of relocating to a new area. Keeping that in mind, you should know that the median home price in Brentwood, Tennessee is $675,000, but the ownership rate is above 90% in the city. 

Regarding housing types, as it can be expected from this vast suburban city, around 92% of all homes are single-family homes. Only 3.5% are townhomes followed by 3% apartment complexes and, lastly, 1.5% small apartment buildings. Around 77% of these homes have 4 bedrooms or more, but smaller homes can also be found with the help of the best real estate agents in Brentwood TN. Those top realtors in Brentwood TN will also advise you to look at the cost of living and the median earnings in their city before you start looking elsewhere. The prices may be higher than expected but life in this city comes with a lot of amazing opportunities.

Job Market in Brentwood, Tennessee

This medium-sized Nashville suburb with a population of around 43,000 residents isn’t only located in the best area regarding its proximity to the state capital - a 20-minute drive - but is also its own thriving economy. While there are many people who work in Nashville, the incomes reported by realtors in Brentwood TN are substantially higher than those in the state capital. 

With a median household income of $160,000, Brentwood, Tennessee is well above the state and national averages, while Nashville stops short of $66,000. The difference is big and now we can look back at those housing prices in a different light.

Another great thing about the job market in this city according to real estate agents in Brentwood TN is that Management Occupations aren’t only the most common job occupied by the city’s residents but also the highest-paying jobs with median earnings of $155,000. Regarding the industries thriving in this city, unsurprisingly the highest-paying jobs are in the Management of Companies and Enterprises, while the most common is Health Care and Social Assistance. With 94% of the workforce being employed in white-collared jobs, everything seems to fit.

Living in Brentwood, Tennessee

If you weren’t convinced so far, then get ready for the following. Imagine living in an area that used to belong to horse farms that occupy extensive properties. You can still find some open, but most of that space was vacated and gave way to enormous parks and large lots for homes. From a city of 43,000 residents, most people don’t expect fourteen parks within the city’s limits as well as an additional 75-acres of greenways. That’s not all, however, as in Brentwood you’ll be living among the stars. Quite literally actually as many current and former musicians, politicians, sports icons, and actors call Brentwood their home. And now to mention a few more awesome facts about the city realtors in Brentwood TN also call home, the schools, the shopping and dining options, and the premier golf courses ensures that everyone living here has a spectacular time.

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