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When you’re browsing through the eastern part of New Hampshire, and Hampton catches your eye, finding your way to our page isn’t uncommon. With the help of real estate agents in Hampton NH, you will find all the information related to moving to this city. Of course, when you start looking to relocate to another city, you have a few questions and curiosities. That’s what we’re here for. focuses on the real estate market across the country, including Hampton, New Hampshire. Some of the best realtors in Hampton NH can be found below, along with their contact information, but you’ll also get a glimpse of what you can expect by moving to this city. The city of Hampton, New Hampshire, is a small town located in Rockingham County with a population of 15,000. While Hampton experienced a 0.13% population decline over the last few years, there is still a 3.12% population growth since 2010. With a current median age of 52 years old, the local real estate agents in Hampton NH know that their city has a particular type of demographic. This popular tourist destination encourages second-home buyers to invest in properties that can be enjoyed seasonally. Top realtors in Hampton NH promote the sparse suburban feel as it makes their city one of the best places to live. With highly-rated public schools and an 80% homeownership rate, New Hampshire is also an excellent place to live for families. MIT and Harvard are close enough that even once your children are off to college, they don’t need to go across the country to find the best university studies around. Just contact the top-ranked real estate agents in Hampton NH, and they’ll tell you the same thing.
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Anyone who grew up in the city of Hampton, New Hampshire, will tell you that the education system is incredible. Not only that, but realtors in Hampton NH know the summer months bring along tons of entertainment opportunities for people of all ages. Those that love nature and water-related activities will be able to enjoy bonfires on the beach, surf breaks, and many other things. Still, coming winter, you have cross country skiing on the beach or snowshoeing. Some of these activities are seasonal, but real estate agents in Hampton NH consider that this is what keeps things interesting in their city. The year-round activities available that are changing by the season, instead of a full year of sunshine and warm weather.

Housing Market in Hampton, New Hampshire

The slowly declining population trends currently experienced by the city of Hampton, New Hampshire, are affecting the city’s real estate market. Realtors in Hampton NH are aware of these trends and have also noticed a slight decline in housing prices. When a city experiences a decline in housing demand, the market tilts towards the buyer’s benefit. Like that, it becomes a Buyer’s market, as it gives buyers more room to negotiate on housing prices. If there is only one offer per listing, that means that the potential buyer could submit a lower offer than the asking price. 

Over the past several months, that is what happened to Hampton’s housing market. Real estate agents in Hampton NH are aware that the median home value in the city is climbing at a shallow rate when compared to the rest of the country, as it is now at $508,000 with a ten-year appreciation of approximately 7%. Housing prices in Hampton are subsequently higher than in the rest of the state or the country. This can be explained by the city’s appeal. It’s all about location, and realtors in Hampton NH know it. With less than an hour drive to Boston and approximately four and a half hours drive to New York, housing prices reflect that. This is what happens with cities in close proximity to big cities (in this case, the actual Big Apple).

Job Market in Hampton, New Hampshire

With a median household income of $92,000, the city of Hampton, New Hampshire, went through incredible economic growth over the last decade. All the way back in 2013, the median household income was at $67,000, but now it’s getting close to exceeding the $92,000 milestone. This isn’t that incredible when you look at the education statistics brought to our attention by realtors in Hampton NH. Almost 98% of the city's population are high school graduates, while nearly 50% are college graduates. When a city’s population is able to access the highest levels of education close by, there are no reasons not to develop their education further.

The most common occupations in the city are Management positions, followed by Sales and other related professions. It is good to know that the second highest-earning occupations are Management positions with median earnings of $101,000. At the same time, the highest earners have Computer and Mathematical occupations with median earnings of $105,000. When real estate agents in Hampton NH took a closer look at the industries in their city, they weren’t surprised by what they found. The most common employees are located in the Health Care & Social Assistance industry. In contrast, the highest paying industry is the Management of Companies & Enterprises with median earnings of $125,260, followed closely by the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services with median incomes of $125,210. 

Living in Hampton, New Hampshire

If having your children walking to and from school sounds unbelievable and risky, then life in Hampton, New Hampshire, will seem weird for you. The reason for that is the city’s safety ratings. Children aren’t generally in danger, as the city’s family atmosphere can easily showcase. Realtors in Hampton NH will tell you all about this and the best neighborhoods to live in their town. The town of Hampton, New Hampshire, is just a safe small town as well as a great beach town for any surfers thinking about migrating north. Just contact real estate agents in Hampton NH, and they’ll give you all the information necessary to make an informed decision for your family.

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