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Maybe you already know the realtors in Port Orange FL, that you want to work with, or maybe you kept reading as you want to find out more about the city. Well, as promised, we’ll try to summarize the most relevant information about the city of Port Orange, Florida, targeted for those that are thinking about relocating here.

The Housing Market from local real estate agents in Port Orange Florida perspective

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Port Orange FL, you should start by trying to find out as much as possible about the neighborhoods. There are 23 neighborhoods in total, and while the whole city is considered much safer than the rest of its surrounding area or the state of Florida, the southern area that circles around Cypress Head Golf Club is the safest in the city. You will see, however, that the increased safety ratings affect real estate prices. Because of that, while the median home value in Port Orange, Florida, is around $253,000, homes in the vicinity of Cypress Head Golf Club average around $383,000. The housing costs for those looking into buying a home in Port Orange FL also increase based on the quality of education, which is why that same area is also the neighborhood where you’ll find the best schools.

Based on the information provided by the local real estate agents in Port Orange FL, the homeownership rates are above 72% for owners and below 28% for renters. Predominantly, you’ll find single-family homes to be the most common housing type in Port Orange, Florida, with 62%, while mobile homes come in second with 17%. Around 12% of all housing is apartment complexes, with 5% being townhomes and 4% small apartment buildings.

Based on age, people who are thinking about buying a home in Port Orange FL should know that around 24% of housing was built after 2000 while 69% have been built between 1970 and 2000. Only 6% are older than that as Port Orange, Florida, only encountered a large population growth after the 1970s.

Job Market in Port Orange Florida

As the city of Port Orange, Florida encountered a significant population increase since the 1970s, the city currently has over 66,000 residents. This population growth inspired the city to develop its industries and provide high-quality education for its residents. Because of the high-quality schools present in the town of Port Orange, Florida, the city’s workforce is highly educated, productive, and competitive. Realtors in Port Orange FL can tell you all you need to know about their city’s education system but know this. Aside from the seven colleges and universities, the Advanced Technology Center in the city supports the needs of the job market by offering courses in career advancement, research, and workforce developments, all of which increase the level of knowledge in the workforce and provides an excellent option for companies that want to further invest in their employees.

The median household income in Port Orange, FL is growing towards $55,000. Based on industry, the highest-earning jobs are in the Utility industry with median earnings of $56,900, followed by Information ($56,700) and Wholesale Trade ($54,000). Real estate agents in Port Orange FL can also tell you that earnings depend on occupation, which is why Health Diagnosing, Treating Practitioners, and Other Technical Occupations can land you with median earnings of $65,000. At the same time, Agriculture and Engineering Occupations will bring median earnings of $63,000. 

Living in Port Orange Florida

Moving to Port Orange, Florida, will open your life up to vast spaces, large parks, and recreational areas. Based on what realtors in Port Orange FL told us, the city is the second-best place to live in Volusia County while also being the second-best place to raise a family and to attend public schools in the county.

So go ahead and contact real estate agents in Port Orange FL to find out even more about this lovely coastal Florida town. The inlet, the beaches, the parks, and overall greenery are all reasons to make you consider this town as your new potential home.

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