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Nestled on the tranquil shores of lake Apopka lies a beautiful city that goes by the name of Winter Garden FL. With majestic colonial Spanish architecture, a long list of delightful attractions and no shortage of great deals when it comes to real estate and rentals, real estate agents in Winter Garden FL agree unanimously on one thing: this is a great place to live! This city is so great that it can be difficult to begin describing what exactly is great about it. Let’s see… how about those attractions we mentioned? There are plenty of excellent bars, restaurants and other attractions within the city limits, while those seeking something special or specific will no doubt find it in nearby Orlando FL. If you want to know more, get in touch with a realtor in Winter Garden FL! Winter Garden is also a great place for families. With excellent schools and close proximity to some of the best universities in the state, there’s no doubt that residents of this city will have little or no difficulty providing their children with an excellent education. Real estate agents in Winter Garden FL know just as well anyone else how important this is in a child’s life! That’s not all there is to say about this city, though; far from it, in fact! Winter Garden is also well known for the friendliness and welcoming attitude of its residents. If you choose to move here, you can expect your neighbors to welcome you to the neighborhood without anything even resembling hesitation. That’s just life in the city of Winter Garden! If you came to this page seeking out real estate agents in Winter Garden FL, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find an indexed list of the best realtors in Winter Garden FL, complete with contact information and a short bio that will help you get to know them better. With their help, you’ll be moved into your new home in no time!

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Winter Garden, Florida is known to be a "charming little city where good things grow."

Winter Garden is a city nestled on the beautiful shores of Lake Apopka, the second largest lake in the state, and is located 14 miles (23 km) or twenty minutes west of downtown Orlando in western Orange County, Florida, United States. Being in such close proximity to Orlando and the theme parks has made it an ideal place to live and work.

Real estate agents in Winter Garden know a few stories about how the city got its name. Whoever named the city got it right. Don’t forget to ask them!

According to the 2017 United States census estimates, 43,536 residents call Winter Garden home - a nice growth from 191 people in 1908. Over 2,000 businesses thrive here and the unemployment rate is only 3.9%, lower than the national average.

Winter Garden has the highest elevation spot in Orange County and is the 68th largest city in Florida based on official 2017 estimates from the US Census Bureau. 13,476 housing units host 12,318 households so this means that real estate agents in Winter Garden have to do something with the exceeding 1,158 properties - some will be sold, other leased out. You have to find out!

Winter Garden has a warm and humid subtropical climate. There are two major seasons each year. One of those seasons is hot and rainy, lasting from May until October (roughly coinciding with the Atlantic hurricane season). The other is a cooler season (November through March) that brings more moderate temperatures and less frequent rainfall.

Winter Garden is well known for the wealth of historical charm and natural assets that make it a great place to live, work and visit. Winter Garden realtors are proud to inform you that the 2018 Great Places in Florida Award went to Winter Garden, Florida. This "small-town" city, with a "big-time history" is thought to be a modern haven for art, community, and business. It seems to have all the recreation opportunities that help create an outdoor environment that is constantly filled with people of all ages and exudes warmth and energy.

Winter Garden boasts with many attractions: The SoBo Art Gallery, Luther F. Tilden House, West Orange Trail, Winter Garden Downtown Historic District, Winter Garden Heritage Museum, Winter Garden Historic Residential District, Winter Garden Farmers Market, Central Florida Railroad Museum, Garden Theatre, Orange County National Golf Center , Jodi's Ski School (a three-time World Cup Championship Tour Titleholder) and many more.

According to SmartAsset, Winter Garden is ranked as one of the best places in Florida to live and raise a family while WalletHub describes it as a great city to start a business. Due to the superior quality of life that Winter Garden has to offer, this city is known to be one of the premier places to live and visit in Central Florida. Don’t hesitate to contact our real estate agents from Winter Garden to see what this real estate market feels like.

Using data on salaries, company financial health, and employee diversity, Zippia (the career expert) came up in 2018 with a list of the 9 best companies to work for in Winter Garden and the companies are: GreenSky LLC,  Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge, Casual Line Corp, Giant Recreation World, Heller Bros., Healthline Medical Products, The Green Machine, Image Technical Services, Apple Air Conditioning & Heating. Also, another major employer is Progress Energy Inc. Ask any real estate agent in Winter Garden and (s)he will tell you that the city is safe, with a very low crime risk.

Inhabitants are very proud of their history. According to the Winter Garden Heritage Foundation, Europeans arrived here in 1845. Two major railroads (Orange Belt Railroad and Tavares & Gulf Railroad) made this community take off and hasn't stopped growing ever since. Explore this city with a real estate agent from Winter Garden as your tour guide!

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what to expect from the city of Winter Garden FL, it’s time to talk specifics. There’s a lot you’ll need to know before you can even think about purchasing a new home in a new area; luckily, we’re going to be sharing all that information in the sections below. Strap in, buckle up and get ready; the real estate agents in Winter Garden FL have a lot to say! 

Housing market in Winter Garden Florida

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of buying a home? There’s a good chance it's the state of the real estate market where the home is located! If that area happens to be the city of Winter Garden, you’re in luck; we’ve got a really good source of information regarding this subject. You guessed it: we’re talking about the real estate agents in the city of Winter Garden FL! 

The first and arguably most important thing to research when considering the purchase of a home is the median home price. A high median home price can make an area so prohibitively expensive that purchasing a home in the area is an untenable prospect, while a median home price that’s too low can speak to a number of problems in the community the home forms a part of. So what is the median home price in this city, according to realtors in Winter Garden FL? 

The answer to that question is simple: homes in this sell for an average of $480,000. While this is certainly quite a bit higher than the national average, it’s not nearly as outrageous as the prices you’ll see on homes in cities such as New York or San Francisco. Overall, real estate agents in Winter Garden FL concur that homes here offer good value! 

The reason for this comes down to a number of factors, but the most compelling is the median home appreciation rate. Last year, homes in this city saw an increase in appraised value equal to 26.8% of their total value. Whether you’re looking to invest or settle down, this appreciation rate only means one thing: a tremendous amount of bang for your buck! 

Renting in Winter Garden Florida

We get it; not everyone is looking to put down roots in a new city. Some prefer to spend a year or two getting comfortable in their new home city before deciding on a commitment as important as buying a home, while others simply don’t have the financial means to make such a purchase. No matter what your reasons, the end result is the same: you want to move to the city of Winter Garden FL, but you don’t want to buy a home. What do you do in this situation? You rent! 

While renting is not always the best option in terms of investment value, it has a number of attractive benefits when compared to buying. As a renter, you’ll never have to worry about maintenance on the property, nor appliance or structural repairs. Rentals are also much easier to move out of than mortgaged or purchased homes, as a general rule. While there are downsides to renting, there are plenty of practical upsides too. 

So what is the median rent price, according to real estate agents in Winter Garden FL? That figure stands at approximately $1,675 a month, a surprisingly reasonable cost considering the median home price in the area and the comparative desirability of the area when it comes to investors and home buyers. 

What’s more, the average rental apartment on the market in the city of Winter Garden FL is quite spacious. With an average floor area of 980 square feet, the apartments here are substantially larger than others in similarly populous cities. Not only does this mean you’ll likely be able to find something that suits your needs, it also means that you can likely find something under budget if you’re willing to compromise on space!

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