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If you’re about to relocate to Inverness, Florida, you will find that the city offers a much simpler and less chaotic way of life for you and your family. Contacting the local real estate agents in Inverness FL for more information about the town is highly recommended as they will also ensure a smooth transition. The city is located in Citrus County with a population of approximately 7,500 residents. With a median age of 58, the local realtors in Inverness FL will be the firsts to tell you that their city is one of the best places to retire in Florida. With abundant amenities and outdoor experiences, the residents of Inverness, Florida can always find activities to enjoy in their town. Finding the best real estate agents in Inverness FL won’t be difficult. All you have to do is browse the list below and pick one from the top-ranked local realtors in Inverness FL. Moving to a new city is easier when you have the expertise and knowledge of the best people working in the real estate market. They are aware of what’s happening in their city and are always capable of giving the most direct answers you seek. There are many pros to living in Inverness, Florida, from the outdoor recreational activities to the quaint shops and restaurants, people who want to get away from the hectic life of much larger cities will find their peace and quiet here. Located on the Tsala Apopka and Henderson lakes’ western shore, the area provides a long list of water-related activities that you can enjoy. This lakeside vacation destination will provide biking, running, and hiking trails for active retirees, while more laid-back seniors can enjoy leisurely activities such as boating and camping. Just give real estate agents in Inverness FL a call and see what else this small town has to offer, or read on for more information.
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Local real estate agents in Inverness FL


If you’re thinking of relocating to this small lakeside town in Florida, you’ll understand what relaxation really means. Realtors in Inverness FL are as laid-back as the community in which they live. Don’t hesitate to call them and learn more about this lakeside resort with its spectacular natural scenic views and peaceful atmosphere.

Housing Market in Inverness, Florida

When it comes to the housing market in this city, real estate agents in Inverness FL can fill you in on all the do’s and don'ts of the area. Bordered by either forests or lakes, Inverness, Florida protects its natural resources, giving its residents a plentiful variety of outdoor opportunities for all ages. You’ll find no cement jungle here as this town offers a more rural setting to live in than the highrise condominiums from other much larger cities. There are a few apartment complexes, but, according to realtors in Inverness FL, from the total of 3,300 homes and apartments in their city, only 17% are apartment complexes, while 12% are small apartment buildings. The most significant percentage of housing is made up of single-family homes, which is at 53%.

The cost of living in Inverness, Florida is 5% lower than the national average and the most significant contributor to this is the housing cost. Considering the natural splendor available everywhere around it, the median listing home price in Inverness, FL is $130,000. While you might expect to encounter a buyer’s market, or at the very least a balanced market in a city with such a small population, be aware that the demand is high in Inverness, Florida. This seller’s market can be tricky to handle without assistance from real estate agents in Inverness FL. Take a look at the names above and pick one of the best realtors in Inverness FL, for a smoother real estate transaction.

Job Market in Inverness, Florida

Those thinking of moving to this town should be aware that, given its small size, the job market isn’t as developed or resourceful as it can be in other much larger cities. The median household income is $27,000 which is acceptable for the expenses related to living in Inverness, Florida. The most specialized jobs are those in food preparation and serving related occupations, which are also the occupations that give jobs to the largest numbers of employees. The highest-paid positions are those in charge of health diagnosing, treating practitioners, and other technical professions with a median income of $76,000.

From a small town like this, real estate agents in Inverness FL know that industries can be somewhat limited, but the ones that provide the most employment are the Health Care and Social Assistance, Retail Trade, and Accommodation and Food Services. The highest-paying industries are the Public Administration, with a median income of $67,000, followed by Information ($61,000) and Educational Services ($40,000). 

Taking all this into account, consider the fact that realtors in Inverness FL say that the city’s cost of living is 11% lower than the state’s average. The housing market is also 44% more affordable than Florida’s average and the whole community is incredibly pet-friendly as everyone knows everybody. That’s how small towns usually work.

Living in Inverness, Florida

This friendly community welcomes neighbors with arms wide open. There are lots of man-made parks as well as unaltered natural areas that the city’s officials highly respect as one of their most prized possessions. Real estate agents in Inverness FL say that this is a very walkable community with almost no need for personal cars as grocery stores and restaurants are just a short walk away through nature. The city’s sense of community and small-town charm make it safe at night. Inverness is the ideal place for people who want to enjoy some peace and quiet in their lives. 

As mentioned above, on this page, further up, you’ll find a list of some of the top realtors in Inverness FL. You will also find their contact information next to their names. If you have any other questions about the tranquil natural beauty of Inverness, Florida, don’t hesitate to give them a ring. The top-ranked real estate agents in Inverness FL will have the answers to all your questions. They will also make the whole process run more smoothly.

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