Group Paid-up Life Insurance

Definition of "Group paid-up life insurance"

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Combination of two basic plans: accumulating units of paid-up permanent life insurance, and decreasing units of group term life insurance. The premium paid each month consists of the (a) employee's contribution and (b) employer's contribution. The employee's portion purchases increments of paid-up insurance, and the employer's portion purchases group decreasing term. The employer's contribution is tax deductible as a business expense, and these contributions are not taxable income to the employee. (However, if the employer purchases increments of paid-up units of permanent insurance, these contributions are taxable income to the employee on a current basis.) Paid-up units purchased by an employee are vested and thus can be taken as a paid-up life benefit regardless of the reason for termination of employment. The paid-up benefit will always remain in force; no further premium payments are required.


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