Single Premium Variable Universal Life Insurance

Definition of "Single premium variable universal life insurance"

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Type of universal variable life insurance policy that provides guideline premiums to be paid usually by the policy owner. Charges on a monthly basis usually include the cost of insurance, administrative expenses, premium tax, and in some instances, a contract fee. The policy owner may execute policy loans and in many instances on a zero cost basis if the policy loans come from the policy's gains. The policy owner may also make a partial cash surrender value of policy at no surrender charge for that portion of the premium not previously surrendered. When surrender charges are levied, they usually apply for the first 10 years that the policy is in force and range from 6 to 15% in the first year decreasing to zero by the end of the tenth year. Within the policy, the policy owner can effect tax-free transfers of funds among the sub-accounts in order to try to optimize the return.

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