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Tables used to compute the monthly mortgage payment that consists of principal repayment and interest. A loan amortization type of formula is used. The tables have monthly payments for any combination of loan size, interest rate, and term. Table 6 ( Monthly Mortgage Payments ) of the Appendix gives selected combinations for $1,000 fixed-rate loans. Example: Christine wants to know the monthly mortgage payment on a $95,000, 10%, 30-year mortgage. Using Table 6, she needs to follow three steps:
Step 1: Divide the amount of the loan by $1,000 ( that is, $95,000/$1,000=95). Step 2: Find the payment factor for a specific interest rate and loan maturity. The Table 6 payment factor for 10% and 30 years is 8.78. Step 3: Multiply the factor obtained in Step 2 by the amount from Step 1. $8.78*95=$834.10. The monthly mortgage payment is $834.10.

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