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The definition of a property brief is a document including the summarization of the attributes and characteristics of the property. Officially issued legal records are supposed to include these features. 

What are legal records?

Property or real estate records are legal documents or certificates. They include essential information about real estate or land. Typically, “property records” deal with the property deed. A property owner must possess a property deed to prove their ownership of the said real estate. Let’s suppose you sell a house. Then you sign the deed and transfer it to the new proprietor. By all means, once the parties settle the housing transaction, the property deed must be recorded. 

Where are property deeds reported?

The property deed transfers the proprietorship from the former (or the grantor) to the real estate's new owner (the grantee.) Regularly, a real estate attorney draws up the house deed. In addition, the grantor will have to get the deed notarized in most US states. They turn to a register or recorder of deeds, who has the authority to record and maintain deeds. In addition, a property deed must correspond with the local and statutory requirements. Ask for an expert’s advice! The local real estate agents will assist you with having your property deeds recorded.

The legal description of a property

A real estate’s legal description is quintessential for its transfer. It should include the most recent legal deed of ownership. Note property tax records and street addresses are incomplete descriptions to qualify as acceptable. Adequate legal descriptions are of two types. Besides, some legal documents contain both of the following:

Lot and block descriptions

On the one hand, we have lot and block descriptions if the real estate is located in a subdivision. The document will show how many lots there are and the number of blocks, describing the precise location of the lots. Furthermore, it showcases the subdivision name, county, and state where the property is found.

Metes and bounds descriptions

On the other hand, we have the metes and bounds descriptions referring to non-subdivision real estate. Such a description presents the property within the public surveying system starting from a landmark (point of beginning) as established by the US Public Land Survey System. A metes and bounds description presents a property’s boundaries around this landmark in sequence.

Therefore, the meaning of a property brief goes as follows. It’s an abridgment of all the vital information from the property deed and a real estate’s legal description.

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Michael Michael said:

Can we run a partnership?

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Real Estate Agent

Hey, Michael.

What kind of partnership are you interested in? If you are interested in becoming a contributor, access the link provided, and follow the guidelines. If you are an agent who wants to advertise with us, you can get listed on REA by accessing the link or by contacting us directly via live chat or via phone at 1-866-495-4953.

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Ochuko Emetovweke Ochuko Emetovweke said:

I want to give my property to a property manager and he requested a brief. What is the content of a property brief?

Jul 26, 2020  22:46:12

Real Estate Agent

Hey, Ochuko! A property manager acts on your behalf in order to preserve the value of the property while generating income. Therefore, in this case, a property briefing should highlight the characteristics and features of a property as well as the attributions that fall on the property manager. Property managers can help owners with the following tasks: create budgets, qualify tenants, advertise the property, comply with local real estate laws, collect rent, maintain the property, and others. The property briefing should contain an explicit description of the property manager’s attributions.

Aug 03, 2020  09:41:23
Olufemi Oladoyinbo Olufemi Oladoyinbo said:

A potential client wants to sell his property. How must he properly brief me? What are those information he must give to me? Must I see him physically before taking brief from him? Can I just take his brief from WhatsApp message with property pictures, without knowing him personally?

Mar 08, 2019  12:54:29

Real Estate Agent

You have to sign a listing agreement first. If you have listed a property before, then you probably know what information you need. Otherwise, reread the coursebook you had learned from before you took the real estate license exam. 

Mar 15, 2019  04:50:01
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