Quit Claim Deed

Definition of "Quit Claim Deed"

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"This quit claim deed is made on _________, 19______, between ________Grantor, residing at _________, City of _____, State of_____and______, Grantee, residing at_____, City of_____, State of______. In consideration of ______ paid by _____ the grantor hereby quitclaims and transfers the following described real estate to the Grantee to have and hold forever, the described real estate located at _____, City of _____, State of_____:
Dated______________________, 19______. ____________________________ (Signature of Grantor) ______________________( Printed name of Grantor) State of__________________ County of ____________ On__________, 19__________, ______________________personally came before me and, being duly sworn, did state that he/she is the person described in the above document and that he/she signed the above document in my presence. ___________________ (Notary Signature) Notary Public, for the county of ________ State of _____________ My Commission expires:___________"

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