Society Of Industrial And Office REALTORS® (SIOR)

Definition of "Society of Industrial and Office REALTORS® (SIOR)"

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Also known as SIOR, the Society of Industrial and Office REALTORS® is a professional commercial and industrial real estate association that works on an international level. In the US, SIOR resides in Washington, D.C., and it offers industry professionals a professional designation. With over 3,400 active members across 686 cities and as many as 36 countries, SIOR members can have various specialty designations: office, sales management, industrial, executive management, or an advisory. The association also includes developers, corporate executives, educators, or other professions in the real estate industry.

How it began

Real estate specialists were underrepresented in the National Association of Real Estate Boards (now known as National Association of REALTORS® or NAR) even if the industrial real estate had started on an ascending trend during the Second World War. The limited representation motivated two industrial realtors, David T. Houston and Frank G. Binswanger, to organize realtors’ efforts throughout the US and Canada. The organization was founded and approved as a national body of industrial realtors in 1940.


The organization became essential to the war effort as they located available spaces to produce defenses and war materials. Over 200 real estate brokers were looking at facilities that the defense could use for defense purposes through the US and Canada; then, they reported their findings to the War Department.

What is SIOR doing today?

Over the years of activity, SIOR awarded thousands of members with their prestigious SIOR designation, the highest level of knowledge, production, and ethics for professionals in the real estate industry. SIOR certified members are seen as the most experienced and capable brokers in any industry and are known as the best guideline for selecting a real estate professional. SIOR also provides top professional assistance, publishings as well as academic programs for those that want to become certified SIOR members.


To become a member of SIOR and gain the benefits, network, and improve your business, you can sign up for the membership in whichever category you choose directly on their website, There you will find all the necessary information to join the most professional association of REALTORS®.


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