Definition of "Window"

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Opening in the wall of a structure to let in air and light.


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Comments for Window

Melanie Melanie said:

What does it mean when a realtor tells you "your window is small"?

Dec 05, 2019  20:27:15

Real Estate Agent

Hey, Melanie! Usually, when someone says that you have a small window it means that you have an opportunity that needs quick action otherwise you might lose it. For example, if you talked with a realtor about buying a house, he might come up with some home deals that you are interested in. If you point out one home deal that stands out he might tell you that you have a short window on this deal. This means that you should consider purchasing as soon as possible, otherwise, you might end up losing the deal in someone else's favor.

Apr 10, 2020  09:47:42

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