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Sometimes it is easier for some people living in the suburb to associate themselves, with the main city that of which the suburb belongs to. But each suburb has its own history and charm that makes it unique in many ways. The same principle applies to Newton MA, a suburb city of Boston, located in Middlesex County.

With about 90,000 people living in the city of Newton MA, it is easy to notice the fact that there is no city center. The city of Newton is comprised of 13 distinctive villages, therefore you have 13 different areas to explore and each has its own history and qualities. But, after all, is Newton a part of Boston?

Newton MA is part of Greater Boston which is the metropolitan region comprised of Boston, the capital city of Massachusetts, along with it’s surrounding areas. Therefore, the city of Newton MA is part of the Greater Boston Area region and it is a suburb of the capital city, Boston MA and on top of everything, it is considered to be a great place to live.

However, when asked where they are from, many residents of Newton MA or from the adjacent suburbs instinctively might say Boston. But, this might just be a way to save time or present people with an option that is more widely known then their hometown. Truthfully, Newton MA is not the same as Boston MA and there are things that really make the city of Newton MA stand out.

Like the fact that the outdoor experience in Newton MA aka “Garden City” is unlike anywhere else. Also, you will find out that most of your favorite celebrities where in fact born in Newton MA or in one of Boston’s suburbs rather than Boston itself. There are many other things Newton MA is known for and it would take a lot more words to cover them all.

However, finding out more about a city is a lot more fun when you get to explore it yourself. If you want to do just that, and you are looking for a home where you can relocate, make sure you contact one of our best realtors in Newton MA in order to settle quickly and efficiently.


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