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Plano Texas Real Estate Agents get mad when they hear someone has not heard of this city. And rightfully so: we're talking about, hands down, one of the Best Cities for Families in America!
And once you let a Plano Texas Real Estate Agent explain to you why that is – through numbers and facts, not just their love for the city – Plano becomes difficult to forget…
For starters, safety is one of the main concerns of every homeowner, right? Well, according to Forbes, Plano is the safest city in America. Not one of the safest…*the* safest!
“Yeah, I get it, but sorry Plano Texas Real Estate Agents… that’s only because Plano is a small town.” Is it, really? Plano is not that small. It has a population of about 300,000 people; and that’s not counting the fluctuating population from Dallas, which is just 20 miles south. Not to mention that Plano is home to several big companies headquarters. In fact, Plano is the third city with highest median family salary adjusted for cost of living in America, so, yeah, it’s becoming difficult to dispute it, right?
You have safety, you have jobs, a diverse population (we forgot to mention, there’s a lot of Asians and Hispanics in Plano, and the city is pretty proud of that), a solid thriving middle class – what a relief in America nowadays, huh? – but what about education?!
Well, Plano West is the best school districts in Texas and #22 when considering the whole rest of America. That’s not a small feat.
So, in the end, Plano is one of those rare great cities that combine both the small time small town feeling and traditions of great food and polite people, with the excitement and resources of a big-time big city.
Convinced yet? If not, if numbers and facts weren't enough, click on one of our Plano Texas Real Estate Agents and let them tell you why they love Plano so much; we bet you will finally join the “Plano rules!” train.

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