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So, you’re thinking of moving to the city of Plano TX. We don’t blame you! According to real estate agents in Plano TX, this city is exceptional from almost every point of view, making a great home for anyone willing to make the move. We’d listen to realtors in Plano TX if we were you; they really seem to know what they’re talking about! There are so many things to say to this city’s credit that we hardly know where to begin. How about its above-average quality of life? This city is universally known for its happy residents, wide variety of attractions and other attractive attributes, each seemingly more scintillating than the last. If you don’t believe us, just have a chat with one of the real estate agents in Plano TX! Then there’s the real estate market. It’s thriving! With a sky-high appreciation rate but very reasonable median home price, households of almost any budget can reasonably expect to find a home here and an investment as well. According to real estate agents in Plano TX, this is one of the best such markets in the state! Next up you’ve got the cost of living. The local real estate agents in Plano TXlove to talk about how impressively inexpensive it is to live in Plano! Everything from fuel to food to utilities to commodities such as high-speed internet and television are dirt cheap, making it even easier to sell homes in this attractive city. The realtors in Plano TX also love to talk about how easy it is to get a job in Plano. With industry and growth at an all-time high in the city, jobs are surprisingly easy to come by. Whether you’re an ambitious young professional seeking to further your career or a hardworking tradesman just trying to pay the bills, you’ll quickly find that the city of Plano has what you’re looking for. With all these things going for it, it’s easy to see why Plano has seen such phenomenal growth over the past several years, and it's safe to say that growth isn’t going to slow down any time soon. So give one of the top realtors in Plano TX a call; we promise you won’t be disappointed with what you find. If you’re interested in becoming a customer of these skilled, experienced real estate professionals, then you’ll need to get in touch with one of the real estate agents in Plano TX. On this page, you’ll find an indexed list of these Plano realtors, complete with contact information and a short bio. With their help, you’ll be moved into a home in Plano TX before you know it!

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    Plano, TX

    Anna, TX

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    Melissa, TX

    Prosper, TX

    Allen, TX

    Frisco, TX

    Mckinney, TX

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  • Chantel Sharp ELITE badge icon

    Keller Williams Realty

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    Providing services for homebuyers, sellers and renters in:

    Garland, TX

    Fate, TX

    Royse City, TX

    Frisco, TX

    Rowlett, TX

    Plano, TX

    Forney, TX

    Dallas, TX

    Richardson, TX

    Mesquite, TX

    Rockwall, TX

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The local real estate agents in Plano Texas get mad when they hear someone has not heard of this city. And rightfully so: we're talking about, hands down, one of the Best Cities for Families in America!

And once you let the top realtors in Plano TX explain to you why that is – through numbers and facts, not just their love for the city – Plano becomes difficult to forget…

For starters, safety is one of the main concerns of every homeowner, right? Well, according to Forbes, Plano is the safest city in America. Not one of the safest…*the* safest!


“Yeah, I get it, but sorry real estate agents in Plano TX… that’s only because Plano is a small town.” Is it, really? Plano is not that small. It has a population of about 300,000 people; and that’s not counting the fluctuating population from Dallas, which is just 20 miles south. Not to mention that Plano is home to several big companies headquarters. In fact, Plano is the third city with the highest median family salary adjusted for cost of living in America, so, yeah, it’s becoming difficult to dispute it, right?

You have safety, you have jobs, a diverse population (we forgot to mention, there’s a lot of Asians and Hispanics in Plano, and the city is pretty proud of that), a solid thriving middle class – what a relief in America nowadays, huh? – but what about education?!

Well, Plano West is the best school districts in Texas and #22 when considering the whole rest of America. That’s not a small feat.


So, in the end, Plano is one of those rare great cities that combine both the small time small town feeling and traditions of great food and polite people, with the excitement and resources of a big-time big city.

Convinced yet? If not, if numbers and facts weren't enough, click on one of our Plano Texas realtors and let them tell you why they love Plano so much; we bet you will finally join the “Plano rules!” train.

Now, by this point we’ve talked up the city of Plano quite a bit. What can we say? It’s just that great! But we get it; you won’t take our word for it. We’ve got to put our money where our mouths are and show you some hard facts and figures. If this is the case, then don’t worry. We’ve spoken with the real estate agents in Plano TX and come up with some pretty compelling reasons why you might want to consider making this city your home! 

Crime rates in Plano TX

The first figures we’re going to be taking a look at are crime rates in Plano TX. This city is home to some of the safest neighborhoods in the state, with unilaterally low crime rates in both violent and property crime categories. This is just one more thing that makes it even easier for real estate agents in Plano TX to move their listings! 


To start off we’re going to take a look at property crime rates in Plano TX. While they are not as impressively uncommon as violent crime are in this city, they’re still substantially below the state and national averages. At just over 17 incidents per 1,000 residents per year, this is markedly lower than the national average of 24 incidents per 1,000 residents per year. This means that the properties sold by realtors in Plano TX are much less likely to be vandalized or burgled than those in other cities. 


Violent crime in Plano TX also occurs at a much lower rate than the national average, with a median yearly crime rate of just 1.5 incidents per 1,000 residents. When compared to the national yearly average of 4 incidents per 1,000 residents, this figure projects the city of Plano TX in a very favorable light. For homebuyers seeking property in this city, this figure is something that one of the real estate agents in Plano TX is likely to share! 

Real estate market in Plano TX

Public safety isn’t the only thing Plano has going for it, however. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth, according to realtors in Plano TX. The real estate market in Plano TX is also one of the most compelling reasons to make the city your home. Just ask the real estate agents in Plano TX; this is their area of expertise, after all! 


For starters, let’s talk about the median home price in Plano TX. At a moderate $410,000 on average, homes in Plano TX are in the price range of most home buyers, if not all home buyers. Regardless of whether or not a given home buyer can afford a home in a certain neighborhood, the overall home price is considerably lower than many other cities with similar populations and average income figures. 


If this wasn’t convincing enough, allow us to tell you about the property appreciation rate in Plano TX. It’s astronomical! At just over 16% annually, the values of homes in Plano are skyrocketing at a rate that is almost entirely unmatched by any city in the United States. If you’re looking to invest, this might just be the place for you. Get in touch with a real estate agent in Plano TX today! 

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