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Phoenix, AZ Real Estate Agents


Real estate agents in Phoenix, Arizona

Real Estate in Phoenix

The city of Phoenix is located in the heart of Arizona. The area's year round warm weather make it a popular location for retirees. Real estate agents in Phoenix can help you find a home close to downtown or in one of the surrounding suburbs.

Phoenix was officially recognized in May of 1868 with the construction of the town's post office. With the arrival of railroads in Phoenix in the 1880s, the city reached new heights of prosperity as its products were exported to both the east and west. In the mid-20th century, high-tech industries began moving into Phoenix to take advantage of the educated workforce. Today, Phoenix's bread and butter are in the business, finance, and education sectors.

The city of Phoenix is served by 29 school districts encompassing 215 elementary schools and 31 high schools. This is supplemented by around 30 charter schools. Higher education opportunities are provided by Arizona State University, University of Phoenix, Arizona Summit Law School, and many others. The Maricopa County Community College District also runs ten community colleges throughout Maricopa County. This highly rated network of schools and colleges makes Phoenix a very popular town for families.

Phoenix has a variety of activities both casual and sophisticated. The Orpheum Theater offers performances by symphony orchestras and theater companies. The Arizona Science Center contains educational exhibits for visitors of all ages. Phoenix is also known for its restaurant culture featuring authentic Mexican cuisine and some of the best steakhouses in the country. Residents of Phoenix never run out of exciting activities.

As you can see, Phoenix is a place with a vibrant past and a bright future. If you would like to make your new home in this town, contact a Phoenix real estate agent today. Your price range and preferences can be accommodated by the wide variety of homes available.