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Welcome to “Uptown. Downtown. The Beaches!” Let us present a magical location in East Central Florida that needs no bush like any good wine. Cocoa Beach lies in Brevard County and the Palm Bay–Melbourne–Titusville, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area on 15.19 square miles. According to 2023 statistics, Cocoa Beach’s population was about 11,260! To learn more about this place, reach out to established local real estate agents in Cocoa Beach Florida. They will confirm that this charming small town delivers all the housing and financial perks one could ever dream of. In addition, top-tier local real estate agents in Cocoa Beach will add that the city doesn’t lack mind-bending open-air and indoor activities. Everyone will find entertaining and family-friendly activities from Cocoa Beach Pier to the Historic Cocoa Village. Sounds too good to be true? Join us as we reveal why this tiny town should be your number-one relocation destination! In Cocoa Beach, life revolves around residents’ and newcomers’ limitless recreation. Don’t be surprised if the town’s unabashed appeal gets you on the hook! Why don’t you act upon it? Contact the best local real estate agents in Cocoa Beach FL, who will deliver the most affordable homes. Moreover, local realtors in Cocoa Beach are experts in the prosperous regional economy. Plus, they will offer thousands of reasons why not investing in a Cocoa Beach property would be a mistake.

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Should you buy, rent, or sell a home in Cocoa Beach Florida?


Buying a home in Cocoa Beach Florida, will be a sure hit financially and significantly improve your health! Nothing can beat (almost) 365 days of sunshine and pristine beaches. So, what stops you from reaching out to your professional local real estate agents in Cocoa Beach? Buying a home in Cocoa Beach alone can be a daunting project. Whether you’re interested in purchasing new construction or move-in property, a single-family home, townhome, next-gen real estate, or active adult units, you can always count on the best local realtors in Cocoa Beach!


Affordable rental in Cocoa Beach is another field of their specialty. Get these experienced local real estate agents in Cocoa Beach Florida, on the horn to bring you up to speed with the most budget-friendly rental units! Would you like to rent an inexpensive apartment downtown Cocoa Beach? Or does an oceanfront rental in Cocoa Beach intrigue you? In either case, turn to expert local real estate agents in Cocoa Beach, who will provide you with a terrific option depending on your budget and preferences!


Buying and selling a home in Cocoa Beach Florida can have ups and downs. Suppose you’re a homeowner ready to switch residences. In that case, the best route is to call licensed local real estate agents in Cocoa Beach. Undoubtedly, they’re proficient in the art of selling a home in Cocoa Beach fast and efficiently. Don’t let stress ruin your home-selling experience! Instead, trust local realtors in Cocoa Beach who can organize and oversee the entire process! Listing, marketing,  staging, showing, and negotiating the best price won’t be a problem! Enjoy the highest ROI after selling a home in Cocoa Beach!


Let’s investigate the local real estate market in Cocoa Beach Florida!


Competent local real estate agents in Cocoa Beach FL reported that the median home sale price was approximately $640,000 in Q4 2023, a nine-percent growth since 2022. Based on this single fact, the housing market in Cocoa Beach is booming. Folks from Miami, FL; New York City, NY; Washington, DC; and Chicago, IL found Cocoa Beach the definitive relocation destination. In the larger context, Cocoa Beach properties are more expensive than the Florida average ($404,000) and the national average ($410,000) in Q4 2023.


The housing market in Cocoa Beach has come to a soft slowdown at the end of this year. Cocoa Beach is a buyer’s, somewhat competitive market, where only some homes receive multiple offers. On average, properties sell below the list price by about 4 percent and go pending for approximately 65 days. On rare occasions, even hot homes in the trendiest Cocoa Beach neighborhoods and regions (such as Sherwood Park, Suntree, Crestview Acres, Angel City, and Historic Cocoa Village) sell under the initial price.


Is it time to sell or invest in Cocoa Beach real estate, Florida? Let’s ask skillful local real estate agents in Cocoa Beach FL, shall we? On the one hand, selling a home in Cocoa Beach will get you a big buck. Yet, sellers must anticipate somewhat lower returns and a higher waiting period. On the other hand, buyers enjoy wiggle room and can purchase an asset in a more accessible price range. As the regional economy offers plenty of potential, the real estate market is something you should definitely invest in!


A crash course in the local economy in Cocoa Beach Florida


The ultimate sign of a city’s rolling economy is its low unemployment rate. In this aspect, Cocoa Beach has graduated with an A+ since the unemployment rate is spectacularly low at 2.7 percent (the US average is 3.7 percent as of Q4 2023). Furthermore, the local job market is in excellent shape, expecting a 42.2 percent increase in the next ten years, instead of the US average of 33.5 percent. 


Additional economic incentives for moving to Cocoa Beach, Florida, are the non-existent income tax and the sales tax rates, which are lower than the 7.3 percent US average. However, there’s more to this story! Did you know a Cocoa Beach resident earns more than a Regular Joe? Their average income of about $38,000 was higher than the US average of $28,500. Also, the median household income in Cocoa Beach was higher than the American average in 2022. 


On the flip side, the cost of living in Cocoa Beach is higher than the Sunshine State average by about 14 percent, yet lower than the US median (by approximately 4.4 percent). 


Revitalize your professional career in Cocoa Beach Florida!


You must know by now that our charming town isn’t only a trendy vacation destination but a bonafide Shangri La as well, where one can start a thriving career or business. Cocoa Beach caters to tourists regardless of age, with countless top amenities, classy nightlife venues, restaurants, bars, and recreation opportunities. The most well-known companies in Cocoa Beach include the Cocoa Beach Pier and Ron Jon Surf Shop. If you need further details on the best local companies, in that case, our local real estate agents in Cocoa Beach FL will point you in the right direction and enlist the most promising firms, namely LeanSwift (e-commerce and mobile apps), Cocoa Beach Area Health Service Inc., Quantum Technology SciencesAir National Guard, or CB Marketing.


Explore the trendiest places in Cocoa Beach FL!


Suppose you’re in town for the first time. In that case, reliable local real estate agents in Cocoa Beach FL will recommend visiting the number-one tourist attraction, the Cocoa Beach Pier, stretching 800 feet over the Atlantic Ocean. The sandy beaches of Cocoa Beach are ideal for surfing (check out Ron Jon Surf Shop for quality equipment!), playing volleyball, taking a leisurely stroll, and soaking up the sun. Under no circumstances should you skip the Historic Cocoa Village, which showcases many colorful and unique shops, galleries, and restaurants. Thirdly, local realtors in Cocoa Beach suggest visiting Lori  Wilson Park, a gorgeous 32-acre, pet-friendly beach park. No list of extraordinary things to do in Cocoa Beach is complete without mentioning The Dinosaur Store and Museum, which showcases minerals, fossils, Tyrannosaurid teeth, and Pachycephalosaur toes. Your family will have a jolly good time there! If exploring this beautiful city got the best of you, visit the fantastic Cocoa Beach Wellness Center! 


Is moving to Cocoa Beach, Florida, worth considering?


First and foremost, Cocoa Beach has earned an outstanding livability score of 66//100. Locals praise its excellent livability, breathtaking natural surroundings, and first-class recreational facilities. Moving to Cocoa Beach, you’ll be part of a welcoming and supportive community. In Downtown, life never stops or even slows down. The small community has made sure that there’s always something fantastic to do, such as participating in the annual super-boat race, air shows, or the Arts and Crafts Festival, to name a few. On the other hand, you’ll find quiet and well-maintained neighborhoods in the suburbs.


Suppose you’re considering a relocation to this lively town with your family. Local real estate agents in Cocoa Beach FL will assure you that it boasts low crime rates and good schools (the Freedom 7 Elementary School of International Studies and the Cocoa Beach Junior/Senior High School). 


From an economic perspective, you’ll have every chance to find an excellent job as the poverty and unemployment rates are lower than the national average. Additionally, the housing market provides plenty of opportunities tailored to your budget. 


On the downside, products and services are slightly more expensive than the US average. Similarly, property prices are pricy. Thirdly, the weather and climate in Cocoa Beach pose several challenges, for instance, tornado and hurricane risks, high humidity, and warmth.


Knowledgeable local real estate agents in Cocoa Beach FL will confirm that living in this tiny yet lovely community is a blast! Start living your dreams today!

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