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Deciding to relocate to a new city can be an easy venture if you have real estate agents in Harvest AL by your side. This small suburb in the Huntsville area is ready to welcome you within the family-oriented community in a heartbeat. While this small town is among the best places to live in Alabama, the rural feel will give your growing family the ideal environment to blossom. No matter where you are moving from, realtors in Harvest AL can make sure you find the best home for your family’s lifestyle somewhere in this small town. You won’t be missing the big city life as Huntsville is located close by. Real estate agents in Harvest AL know all about the entertainment and shopping opportunities available less than 30minutes away from their town. That’s one of the best characteristics of the city. It has easy access to the best amenities available in Huntsville but those that live in Harvest, Alabama don’t need to worry about the fuss and buss of the big city life. They get to come home to a comfortable and quaint small town where they can relax and get ready for a brand new day. Realtors in Harvest AL will help you through the transition and have your best interest in mind. If you’re interested in having a lovely home in this quiet suburb to go to sleep in once you’ve enjoyed all the shopping and nightlife of the big city, then Harvest, Alabama, is the place for you. By contacting real estate agents in Harvest AL you make sure to get all the information you need before you make the next step in your life. Below, you’ll find the contact information to top realtors in Harvest AL.
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Local real estate agents in Harvest AL


As the city of Harvest, Alabama is located merely 15 miles away from Huntsville, Alabama, the distance can easily be covered in an approximately 24-minute drive by car. With such an appealing commute, it’s no wonder that real estate agents in Harvest AL love working in this town. So buckle up and get ready because we talked to some of the best realtors in Harvest AL and managed to squeeze a few details about what living is like in their city. Besides some general information, we got into details related to the housing and job markets so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to relocating here. 

Housing Market in Harvest, Alabama

Based on what top real estate agents in Harvest AL told us, the median home value in their city stops short of $300,000 after a 26% appreciation rate over the past 12 months. While homes prices are slightly higher than in Huntsville, Alabama, realtors in Harvest AL like to underline the fact that over 88% of the city’s residents own their homes. The other 12%, however, pay an average monthly rent of $1,600. 

After a quick analysis of the city’s real estate market, realtors in Harvest AL can say that the majority of homes throughout the city are single-family homes as over 86% of fall into this category. The median home value for a single-family home in Harvest, Alabama is $310,000. The rest 14% of housing are either townhomes (4%) or mobile homes (10%). Some prospective home buyers might be interested to know that, according to real estate agents in Harvest AL, over 60% of the housing market was built after the year 2000. That leaves less than 29% being built between 1970 and 2000, and 10% were built between 1940 and 1970.

It might also interest potential home buyers to find out that more than 45% of the homes in Harvest, Alabama are priced between $140,000 and $280,000. Still, fewer than 12% of all housing is priced below those margins, while over 43% are priced above that margin. Finding the home you’re looking for will be a lot less tedious with some of the best realtors in Harvest AL on your speed dial. But let’s see how the city’s economy is accommodating these housing prices.

Job Market in Harvest, Alabama

The city of Harvest, Alabama’s job market is fairly stable with a median household income of $105,000. According to real estate agents in Harvest AL, the city’s median household income experienced a 2.25% annual growth rate in 2019 reaching $84,000 but since then it grew even higher. When it comes to the types of occupations available throughout the city, the most common positions are in Office and Administrative Support Occupations while the highest-paying job can be found in Architecture and Engineering positions with median earnings of $129,000.

From an industry perspective, the most common industries based on the number of employees, the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services have the most employees. The most experienced industry in the city is, by far, the Management of Companies and Enterprises, however, it has the least number of employees. The highest-paying industry is the Professional, Scientific and Technical according to top realtors in Harvest AL. This particular industry provides median incomes of $72,000 for its employees, followed closely by Public Administration with median earnings of $70,000.

Living in Harvest, Alabama

The small town of Harvest, Alabama, has a population of less than 6,000. Actually, around 5,800 residents live in this quaint little town in Northern Alabama. Still, as one of the best suburbs in Alabama, Harvest is the third-best suburb to raise a family in the area around Huntsville. The high-quality education, ample diversity, and housing options make this small Alabama town a great place for young families and young professionals alike. Just ask real estate agents in Harvest AL. You will be mesmerized by the atmosphere of this peaceful Huntsville suburb and the cost of living makes it an affordable alternative that’s located close to the big city. If you contact some of the best realtors in Harvest AL right now, they’ll be able to help you out with any additional information you might need before you decide whether this small town is a great fit for you and your family.

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