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There are many ways you can go about in St. Petersburg, FL. You could rent, buy or sell real estate but for whichever you will need top real estate agents in St. Petersburg, FL as they know the way the market works. In a buyers market, that recently changed, top real estate agents in St. Petersburg, FL have the best tips for the housing market and they can help you get a fair price. Moving isn’t only about signing papers and getting paid as many realtors in Saint Petersburg will tell you. There is a lot of marketing and even speculation that happens in the housing market and the best real estate agents in Saint Petersburg can help you navigate the waters and make sure you catch the big fish. Selling or buying a house might just be the biggest exchange you’ll do in your life and having one of the best realtors in St. Petersburg FL by your side will only benefit you as well as your family. When you invest in stocks you go to a stockbroker, so why not go to real estate agents in St. Petersburg when investing in real estate in Saint Petersburg. The top realtors in St. Petersburg FL can help the whole process run smoothly. You can even find real estate brokers in St. Petersburg, FL that can help you make the transition from one home to the other. If you’re unsure of a certain area or maybe you doubt you’ll manage with a one-car garage, call the top local realtors in St. Petersburg, FL and they’ll make sure you find exactly what you and your family need. Below, you can find the names of the best real estate brokers and agencies in Saint Petersburg, FL with their phone numbers listed as well. Take your pick and make sure to give them all the essential information about what you want from them and the local realtors in St. Petersburg FL will surely find your dream home.
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Welcome to the Sunny City! With 248 days of sunny days per year, this city is way above the US average of 205 days per year. Campings and RV parking lots are full of snowbirds running from the Northern freezing temperatures. Contact a real estate agent from Saint Petersburg today if you want to find vacant land or properties suitable for a vacation rental business!
The city is surrounded by water, somewhat facing the Tampa Bay. At the Saint Petersburg Sailing Center, you can learn to sail that’s why you will see many sailing boats floating around - the best place to start if your dream is to be a boating family.
St. Petersburg is the largest city in Pinellas County. Did you know that people flock here for the beaches? Clearwater Beach has come in the first place among the voters of TripAdvisor -the  No. 1 beach in the US! Can you believe that? Although it sits in the way of hurricanes, Florida set another tourism record in 2017 with more than 116 million visitors!
The tallest building in St. Petersburg is One Progress Plaza - a 28-story skyscraper owned by Kucera Properties. While in most cities the downtown is filled with commercial outlets and great shopping centers, here, the downtown is a residential neighborhood to the delight of real estate agents in Saint Petersburg.
If you are interested in buying distressed properties, you will find quite a few real estate auctions here as well. Housing is very affordable, with a 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom mobile home being priced at less than $15,000 while a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom condo/townhome costs less than $50,000.
The average monthly rent for an 877 sq. ft. apartment is $1,276, according to RentCafe. If you buy-to-rent, Saint Petersburg real estate agents won’t hesitate to tell you that you’ve come to the right place. Other US cities with fast-growing rents are Phoenix, AZ, Austin, TX, Las Vegas, NV, and Raleigh, NC according to Chris Salviati from Apartment List.
The main tourist attraction in St. Petersburg, FL is the Salvador Dali Museum, with the largest collection of Salvador Dali works outside of Europe. Are you planning a trip any time soon? Visit a few properties too with one of the real estate agents from Saint Petersburg!

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