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Location, location, location . The reason so many home buyers look for real estate agents in Star Idaho is the great access the city provides to all the major cities of Idaho, without losing its small town appeal. If you want to work in Boise while maintaining the quiet simple kind of life the Star  Idaho real estate can provide, you will be only 16 miles away. Prefer to buy a home in Meridian? 10 miles. Nampa? 9 miles.

The Star Idaho real estate market has been called “the next Eagle”, but their inhabitants like to add “only a lot less expensive” to the adage. Yes, it’s becoming more upscale, but it’s still very rural with lots of horse acreage available and a stronger sense of pride of being a small tight-knit community. After all, it has half the population of Eagle, with less than 10,000 inhabitants.

Is safety a concern? Total crimes are 16% lower in Star compared with the rest of Idaho - which is already lower than the American average!

If you are looking for great outdoor activities, excellent access, and a strong rural economy, you are in the right place! The agricultural Star Idaho real estate supply is… Stellar! (Sorry about the pun, but… we needed that one). Due to its rich soil and fair weather, the Star Idaho real estate accommodates several different types of crops from sugar beets to alfalfa, wheat and fruit trees. Contact the real estate agents in Star Idaho and good luck!