Definition of "Adjacent property"

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The term adjacent property, naturally, refers to a property’s position regarding other properties close to it. The adjacent property meaning is different from the term adjoining property. While adjoining is used to describe objects or properties joined in one form or another, adjacent properties are those properties that are close by but don’t touch. 

What is Meant by an Adjacent Property?

When we look at a street with several houses built on both sides, we can say that the properties that face each other across the street are adjacent properties. The term implies that while the properties are near to each other, they have a barrier between them. This barrier can be a street, a line of trees, a river but not another property.

Adjacent properties are often confused with abutting or adjoining properties. They shouldn’t be because adjacent properties do not share common borders, walls, or other structures with other properties, nor do they help support other structures. 

When are Adjacent Properties Important?

Developers are aware that any change in a residential area can have an impact on the neighborhood. The first thing they consider is the zoning ordinances in that particular area to see if the new development, especially if it isn’t a residential building, can be built there. Some ordinances strictly forbid commercial real estate while others allow it. Planning is needed for this and maybe even discussions with the HOA as, in some cases, when commercial properties are built, they can affect the value of the adjacent properties near it.

Another reason why it’s important to be careful around adjacent properties when constructions take place is not to disturb the neighbors. Usually, construction companies require insurance to protect the neighboring adjacent properties as well as the adjoining properties. Once covered by insurance, if some damage happens to those properties, the construction company will not have to empty their pockets to pay for the repairs.


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