Definition of "Assurance"

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Connie Dalton, Real Estate Agent BOWEN REALTY, WELLINGTON

Giving of a promise or guarantee to the receiver to instill confidence.


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Comments for Assurance

Corey Edwards Corey Edwards said:

Someone's spouse died with no will. There is property and the family of the deceased spouse is trying to claim the property, what can the surviving spouse do to keep the property? Her name is not on the deed.

Jun 14, 2019  22:32:31

Real Estate Agent

Hello, Corey! It is not that easy to gain a property once one dies intestate. According to the laws of intestate succession, the spouse and the children come first.  However, to find a more detailed answer and for further instructions, the surviving spouse should contact a real estate lawyer. Unfortunately, situations like this one make it hard to keep solid relationships with the extended family. 

Jun 17, 2019  06:52:42

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