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The meaning of commercial acre in the United States defines the remaining part of an acre of a newly divided land once curbs, streets, and boardwalks have been separated from the original area. All this takes place after a land’s subdivision. As a result, a commercial acre excludes non-developable regions in public use.

In other words, a commercial acre constitutes the piece of land upon which landowners can build. However, first avenues, drives, boulevards, public spaces for future use, highways, parking lots, and inadequate lots have to be detached.

How commercial acre became a widely used measurement in the US

Without the detailed science land surveys apply, people can’t delineate property boundaries. US real estate agencies invented the so-called commercial acre as an acknowledged land measurement unit mainly used in large cities. Be thoughtful because there is an essential difference between commercial and international acre in real estate

How does commercial acre translate to other types of US measurement? 

Let’s take a look at how it transforms into other measuring units used in the imperial system:

One commercial acre - 36,000 square feet instead of 43,560

One commercial acre - 4,000 square yards instead of 4,840

The controversy around the commercial acre

But, hold on! There is quite a difference between 43,560 and 36,000, isn’t there? We’re getting to that now. When you see the commercial acre mentioned in transactions, you must consider the size of a standard acre from which the local government deducted alleyways, roads, and sidewalks. The land area needed for the street around your property, sidewalks, and alleyways is taken out of the size you have in your contract as this is necessary. 

Examples of how to convert various units into commercial acres!

If you ask yourself whether there is a difference between an acre and a commercial acre, let’s see how these two relate to one another:

One acre equals 1.21 commercial acre

Similarly, 5 acres equal 6.05 commercial acres

Let’s do some math using the international standard measures:

One square meter equals around 0.0002471 acres or approximately 0.00029899 commercial acres.

The international acre is approximately 4,046.85642 square meters. In addition, the US survey acre is around 4,046.872 square meters for measurements based on the US survey foot.

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