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The commercial acre is unit of measuring that was invented by US real estate agencies to be used in large cities and it is legal in some states. There is a difference between the commercial acre and the international acre. When transformed into any other measuring units used in the imperial system, the number is rounded up. 

For example:

  • 1 commercial acre - 36,000 square feet instead of 43,560
  • 1 commercial acre - 4,000 square yards instead of 4,840

But, hold on … there is quite a difference between 43,560 and 36,000 right? We’re getting to that now. When you see the commercial acre mentioned in transactions you have to take into account the fact that this is the size of a standard acre from which the alleyways, roads and sidewalks have been deducted. The area of land needed for the road around your property, sidewalks and alleyways are taken out of the size that you actually have in your contract as this is a necessity. Without this you will have a larger stretch of land but no way to get to it.

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