Definition of "Revocation"

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Revocation comes from the verb "to revoke", which means to take back the validity of something. In real estate, revocation is a term applied in a few different situations:

  1. When a person or a business making an offer decides to nullify that decision before it is accepted.
  2. For the act of canceling the authority given to another such as when a homeowner takes away the right of a real estate agent to represent him.
  3. When terminating a financial instrument before issuance.


Real Estate Tips:

Revocation guidelines and eligibility vary from state to state, so do not forget to contact a local real estate agent to help you understand the specifics of your real estate market!

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Comments for Revocation

Lexi Wyatt Lexi Wyatt said:

How many days does a buyer have after accepting an offer to revoke the offer using the disclosures as the reason?

May 18, 2018  14:09:48

Real Estate Agent

Hey, Lexi

Usually 3 days before the closing date, but you'd have to check your state's regulations; better find a local real estate agent to help you out on this one, because in some cases you can't just "give up"; the home seller has the ability to prove his disclosure was right etc. So, please, feel free to search through our real estate agent directory (it's 100% free) and contact one to help you with this situation!

May 25, 2018  08:59:39


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