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If Nokomis, Florida caught your eye, you came to the right place. We all know that looking for your own slice of heaven isn’t always as heavenly as you might imagine. Many variables need to be considered, and many people find the whole process stressful even for heavenly locations like Nokomis, FL. But if you’re considering purchasing a property here, contacting real estate agents in Nokomis FL might be the best step towards your own piece of heaven. When you take a closer look at what realtors in Nokomis FL see on a daily basis, you’ll understand this area’s motto: “No shirt, no shoes, Nokomis!” While unofficial, this motto exemplifies the freedom and laid back atmosphere that Nokomis residents enjoy daily. The local real estate agents in Nokomis FL know what this unincorporated area has to offer. Not only regarding properties but also considering some of Florida’s most outstanding amenities. The beach is the most obvious one, but the shaded playgrounds, the countless sports fields, and many others are partly responsible for the area’s appeal. Looking out in the distance from any point in Nokomis, Florida, you’ll see the water. And one of the best things that realtors in Nokomis FL, praise about this place is the lack of crowds. As always, when looking to relocate to any city, you consider the location. Real estate agents in Nokomis FL know that the much larger Sarasota and Venice have high population densities. That is not the case in Nokomis, Florida. While only 6 minutes away from Venice and 30 minutes away from Sarasota, Nokomis is only busy in the winter months when snowbirds flock to the warm beaches. However, the crowds dissipate in the off-season period. Realtors in Nokomis FL can keep an eye out for any listings available throughout the year to find the best option for you and your family. Below you will find the best real estate agents in Nokomis FL, along with their contact information so you can just pick up your phone and give them a call.

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Now that we’ve sparked your interest let’s see what else realtors in Nokomis FL can share about this quiet little piece of heaven on earth. As these are the most important factors for the relocation package, we’ll look into housing statistics and job opportunities available in Nokomis, Florida next.

Housing Market in Nokomis, Florida

Nokomis, Florida is famous for its gorgeous seashore and beaches. The fact that it’s so close to Sarasota and Venice only increases its ratings further. Those lovely beaches offer a wide variety of waterfront housing and amenities for prices ranging from $130,000 to over $5 million. As mentioned above, location is very important, especially in coastal areas. Depending on your budget, real estate agents in Nokomis FL will be able to find exactly what you want for a fair price, considering the real estate market in the area.

The medium home value based on research done by realtors in Nokomis FL is $370,000, which is more affordable than other similar locations. Even compared to Osprey’s median home value, Nokomis housing costs are lower by 35%. This competitive market only underlines the benefits of working with real estate agents in Nokomis FL. As the area’s development is limited by the space available and the desire not to overcrowd the residents, there aren’t many listings on the market. The top-ranked realtors in Nokomis FL will make your dream home their goal and make sure you don’t lose the home you set your eyes on. 

Over 53% of all homes in Nokomis are below the median home value regarding the pricing range. That leaves around 5.6% of all households that real estate agents in Nokomis FL deal with, surpassing the $1.256 million threshold. The homeownership rate is relatively high considering Nokomis’ holiday atmosphere, as over 64% of the residents own their homes. The most common housing types that realtors in Nokomis FL see are single-family homes at 56% and mobile homes at 32%.

Finding a job in Nokomis, Florida

From the almost 3,500 residents living in Nokomis, Florida, there are around 1,640 employees in the city. Most of them work in the construction industry, the next being retail trade. The highest income based on the industry is the wholesale trade industry, with a median income of $78,000. However, the median household income in Nokomis, FL is $47,000. 

The highest paid jobs are health practitioners and technical occupations with median earnings of $91,000, while the second-highest is computer, engineering and science occupations with median incomes of $78,000. 

These statistics are based solely on what real estate agents in Nokomis FL know to be happening in their area. However, it’s important to note that many people commute to the much larger cities near-by for job opportunities available there. The job market in the Sarasota metropolitan area that includes Nokomis, Florida, is highly developed.

Why move to Nokomis, Florida?

Living in Nokomis, Florida will give you access to some of the Gulf of Mexico’s best views. This triangle-shaped town has everything you could possibly want from a coastal location. Realtors in Nokomis FL could write sonnets about the breathtaking sunsets visible from waterfront homes’ piers, but that’s not all. The amenities included in the Nokomis experience work to bring people together. 

Looking at the Nokomis Community Park. While the name doesn’t say much, just think of the annoying situation where you have your children getting rashes from going down the slide from the heat. The playgrounds are covered and shady at the Nokomis Community Park, so no burn marks or other rashes. This is just an added benefit aside from the sports fields available for fun family activities. One of these activities is the Legacy Trail that connects Venice to Sarasota through Nokomis. It gives travelers a natural setting for biking, running, rollerblading, scootering, or plain walking. Anywhere along the trail, you can start fishing while being surrounded by a Floridian safari.

For more information about this Floridian dream destination, contact any of our real estate agents in Nokomis FL. A bit higher up, you’ll find, as mentioned above, a list of the best realtors in Nokomis FL, and their contact information. Pick one and find your Nokomis dream home.

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