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Why Getting a Pre-Approval for a Home Loan is Crucial in Dallas County, Texas

If you’re thinking about buying a home, it’s very important to get pre-approved first before you even start looking, and definitely prior to making an offer. In today’s world, you won’t make it past the front door without getting approved for your home loan first.

Easing the Seller’s Mind

With so many real estate sources available and online listings, it’s quite simple to advertise a home to the masses. Due to innovative technology, a motivated buyer can instantly receive a notification or text from their Texas real estate agent as soon as a desired home becomes available. So, that means if you’re not already pre-approved when and if you want to make an offer on a particular property, the seller must inevitably wait weeks to even see if you can get approved at all. Step up and show them right from the start that you’re indeed pre-approved and you’re serious about purchasing their home. Virtually all real estate agents in Dallas County will advise this pre-approval tactic wholeheartedly.

Don’t Spend Beyond Your Means

A bigger and nicer home is always nice, but can you afford it? Some homeowners make the mistake of buying a home that can’t actually afford and end up ‘house poor’; scraping together every dime they make just to pay the mortgage. This is not an ideal way to live. There’s no point in looking at $300K homes if you can only afford the ones in the $225K range.

Competition with Pre-Approved Buyers

In the competitive Texas housing market, it’s likely you will face multiple offers on just one property. If you are unable to submit a pre-approval letter along with your pre-approved offer, you will have zero chance of acceptance from the seller.

Basically, getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan means organizing all your financial documents including your credit, debt, and income documentation along with having a deep understanding of all the loans available to you. Keep in mind there’s never a cost to get pre-approved for a mortgage loan and you’re not committed to it just by going through the process.

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