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3D Printed Homes are basically homes that were printed via 3D Printers.

Though semantically the phrase is pretty obvious and straightforward, there’s a lot we need to contextualize to make sense of it.

3D Printing is a form of printing that goes beyond what is regularly understood as “print” and is a technology hailed as the ground zero for a future new industrial revolution. Why? Because “regular” printing comprises of processes that apply something (usually ink) on a base (a paper, a shirt…), while 3D printing is not confined to that relation. A 3D printer prints the base AND the something, as it is able to solidify materials in a three dimensional way, creating an object from the ground up.

The technology was first used in the real estate industry when architects and engineers printed a small scale of the real estate they were to build. As a test of how it would look. Those 3D Printed homes were also used to sell the property before the home buyer would commit: by seeing and analyzing it for a while (or even taking one small 3D Printed home back home) they could get a better feel of what they were going to get.

But then, with the technology growing stronger and stronger, 3D Printed Homes started expanding from the sales department to the actual worksite. Mortar-made 3D Printed homes, albeit really small, perfect for the Tiny Homes movement, started being built/printed. And, ever since 2013, the 3D Printed homes craze has grown stronger and stronger, with mansions and even buildings being printed!

The biggest feature of 3D Printed Homes is the price and time it takes to build one. You can have a 3D Printed Home for under $4,000! And a regular sized 3D Printed home can be completed from the ground up in less than 24 hours!

Design wise, the sky is the limit. Whatever you can design on the computer, a 3D printer can make it happen. Even a Fibonacci sequence, engineers say! 



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