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Top-rated local real estate agents in Key West FL, will ask the same three questions upon a client's inquiry. Have you ever dreamt of living on an island surrounded by crystal-clear waters? How do vibrant ocean beach parties and mind blowing water recreation sound for a change? Would thriving in a joyous community at the Straits of Florida between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico intrigue you? If all your answers are positive yes, then search no more! In Key West, Monroe County (in Spanish, Cayo Hueso, meaning Bone Key), the Caribbean-style feast never stops! Did you know that famous American writers like Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams also found bliss here? You can get all the intel you require by reaching out to professional local real estate agents in Key West Florida. So, bring on the wisest decision of your life! Moving to this gorgeous city in Southern Florida will be a no-brainer! The city and the island will provide you and your family with endless inspiration and feel-good vibes. Do you know those places where the more time you spend, the more you fall in love with them? Key West, above all American resort towns, has a unique advantage: its shamelessly breathtaking surroundings. Undeniably, the city has enormously benefitted from the numerous tourists visiting every year. Many decided to remain and pursue their dreams in this paradise-like environment. As a result, the local economy is booming. However, being at the center of attention resulted in some notable drawbacks. We must highlight that real estate in Key West is not the cheapest in the region. Still, you can obtain precious news and information on affordable housing options if you contact top local real estate agents in Key West FL! The best local realtors in Key West FL, will subscribe to this idea.
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Suppose buying a reasonably-priced home in Key West intrigues you. In that case, the best course of action is to contact top-tier local realtors in Key West, Florida. Licensed local real estate agents in Key West FL are updated daily with the most recent listings. Purchasing a property in Key West has never been more effortless with skilled local realtors in Key West FL! They can show you affordable homes to buy in the safest neighborhoods in town, such as Truman Annex, Sunset Key, Uptown, or Old Town. The selection of real estate for sale in Key West is large. You can buy luxury waterfront properties in Key West or pick an excellent single- (or multi-) family home downtown on a budget. 

By all means, you can also rent a budget-friendly home in Key West, FL! You can rent a house, apartment, or studio in Key West with full amenities in the city center or the suburbs! Contact experienced local realtors in Key West FL to receive the most up-to-date listings on properties in Key West.

Suppose you entertain the idea of selling your home in Key West. Then, let competent local real estate agents in Key West FL assist you in your house sale. They will give you an estimation of your property. Suppose you go along with working with these trained local realtors in Key West FL. In that case, all you have to do is lay back, relax, and let these professionals organize every aspect of your property sale. Marketing, listing, staging, home inspections, open houses, financial tips, and tricks are their strong suits. Selling your real estate in Key West goes smoothly and professionally with customer-oriented local real estate agents in Key West FL!

Properties don’t come cheap but are an excellent investment in Key West, Florida!

There’s no other way around this: real estate prices in Key West are not for the faint of heart. The island on the Straits of Florida is an exquisite tourist and economic paradise in every meaning of the word. Thus, you’ll have to pay the price for moving to Key West. Let’s discuss numbers, shall we? 

Informed local real estate agents in Key West FL reported that the median home sale price in Key West was about one million Dollars as of December 2022. Compared to 2021, home prices in Key West decreased by approximately eleven percent. Real estate trends in Key West are pretty unpredictable. Since September 2022 (when the median sale price was around $800,000), homes have become gradually more expensive. Presently, homes in Key West cost almost double the Florida average. Simultaneously, real estate for rent in Key West is more costly than the state median by about sixty percent. 

Therefore, the housing market in Key West is slightly competitive. Sellers might show some flexibility in price negotiations. Local realtors in Key West FL can bring sellers up to speed because homes sell after approximately 100 days on the market. Besides, properties in Key West sell below the list price by about four percent. 

You can bet one sure thing, though. Buying a home in Key West will always be an excellent investment with great potential for future returns. Why don’t you call top-rated local real estate agents in Key West FL for confirmation? 

The local economy in Key West, Florida, will leave you speechless!

Key West is in incredible shape in terms of economy. The local unemployment rate is at an all-time low. With barely three percent, this resort town beats the national average of six percent by a landslide. However, analysts don’t predict massive job market growth for the following decade. An essential perk is that a Key West resident’s average and median household income exceeds the national average substantially. (The household income in 2022 was $62,000, while the US median was $57,600.) And don’t forget that the income tax rate for Key West is at zero percent! 

On the downside, the cost of living is more expensive than the US average by approximately 51 percent and 45 percent than the Florida median.

Undoubtedly, the primary source of income for the local economy comes from tourism. In addition, manufacturing, retail trade, educational services, health care, and social assistance are the most notable industries providing well-paying jobs for residents. The top companies in Key West are the following. Historic Tours of America (offering sightseeing tours), Keys Energy Services, Womankind Worldwide (non-profit organization), Florida Keys Community College (FKCC), and Monroe County BOCC.

Suppose you want to explore Key West’s economic potential and job market opportunities. In that case, we recommend you get in touch with economy-savvy local real estate agents in Key West FL!

Gorgeous places and must-do things in Key West, Florida

Key West (population 27,000 as of 2022) features abundant must-see and family-friendly places. For starters, Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park provides pristine beaches where you can hike, swim, fish, or get a healthy vitamin D dose sunbathing. A viable alternative is Smathers Beach, with similarly great recreational activities. Then, you can embark on the fantastic Key West Boat Tours to enjoy the clear waters surrounding Key West. 

Exotic butterflies and nature lovers will have a jolly good time at the Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory. Your next destination should be the Key West Lighthouse & Keeper’s Quarters Museum, where you can marvel at the beautiful sunset!

Downtown Key West offers famous historical places, such as the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, the Harry S. Truman Little White House, and Key West Cemetery. Established local realtors in Key West FL will inform you that Duval Street displays artistic venues, exquisite boutiques, bars, and restaurants you can’t miss! Key West has so much more in store waiting for you to explore!

You shouldn’t even ask yourself whether moving to Key West, Florida, is worthwhile!

Living in Key West will bring you nothing but perks. You can enjoy beautiful landscapes and views all year long. Imagine waking up at the sight of the Atlantic Ocean every morning! The weather is warm (yet slightly unpredictable with tropical storms and rarely hurricanes.) In terms of nightlife, entertainment, and recreational facilities, Key West excels! You’ll find a family-oriented, close-knit community that supports newcomers and helps them fit in effortlessly. Moreover, you’ll find outstanding schools of flawless reputation throughout the States, such as Poinciana Elementary School and Horace O’Bryant School.

If you decide to relocate to Key West, be prepared for higher than your average property prices and cost of living. Reliable local real estate agents in Key West FL will bring you all the relevant listings to pick the most reasonably-priced home to buy or rent. 

Key West is excellent for recharging your batteries because it offers a slow pace and stress-free environment. Why don’t you give the best local real estate agents in Key West, Florida, a shout-out to discover more details about this charming community?

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