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But… Kissimmee? You don’t even know what’s that, right? You’re wondering if we have repeated some letters too many times. No, we haven’t. That’s how this special city’s name is spelled.


Kissimmee, Florida is the most affordable place to live in Florida. A great option for people that are crazy about theme parks but want to be a bit away from all the hoorah, Kissimmee Real Estate Agents will say that with a low median home price of $119,900, you can set yourself with the calm way of life of the town and every now and then check how Mickey Mouse is doing. Yes, because most of the legendary Walt Disney World’s theme parks is actually in Kissimmee; did you know that?


Like most professionals in Florida, Kissimmee Real Estate Agents will point out that the Sunshine State has no income tax, so you will be able to keep more of your money if you decide to live there or only buy a sweet rental investment property to use for airbnb renting and get some sweet dollars off of the thousands of tourists that stay in Kissimmee every year. Not to mention the lack of estate tax; so whenever you pass the property on to your children, there won’t be much lost to the government.


Job growth is strong there and competition is low since the city has a little over 60,000 inhabitants. And if you want to explore nearby cities, you are conveniently close to all major roadways of Central Florida. Do you like nature? Kissimmee is known as the Gateway to the Everglades; you will love to do an airboat ride through the swamp! Do you like outdoor activities? There’s a lot of skydiving there and nice Rock Climbing Gyms!


And if you’re single, sorry, but there won’t be any wordplays with “kiss me” – although, again, the proximity to the parks make it a fantastically fun town for single people and Kissimmee wouldn’t be badly ranked in a best cities for singles list.

So contact one of our Kissimmee Real Estate Agents right now and join the fun!

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