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Now that you’re here, we are ready to give you all the information you need about Ormond Beach, Florida. If you’re already considering moving to this small town, real estate agents in Ormond Beach FL will tell you the benefits of living in their city. The decision to move probably wasn’t an easy one to take, but that’s what brought you here. So let’s see what the local realtors in Ormond Beach FL have to say. This small-town offers first-class resort experiences for both its residents and visitors. Even if you come here for a short while, you’ll fall in love with this town’s unique identity and small-town charm. This polished and well-carved Floridian city mesmerized the real estate agents in Ormond Beach FL. Many people choose to move here to start a new chapter in their life or retire, as it offers incredible natural beauty with parks, rivers, scenic trails, and lakes, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. While having around 45,000 residents, Ormond Beach benefits from its location so close to Daytona Beach that it gives its population more options to dine, shop, have fun, and travel. The things that realtors in Ormond Beach FL find interesting about their city is that it didn’t lose its uniqueness since it became a part of the Deltona - Daytona Beach - Ormond Beach metropolitan area. The small-town remained true to its casual way of life, without taking itself too seriously. That’s what real estate agents in Ormond Beach FL love most about their city. Something that we’re sure you’ll love about the city is its affordability and year-round weather, but the quality of life is the glorious cherry on top of a fantastic cake. Pick from the best realtors in Ormond Beach FL listed below, and get ready to pack your bags because this small coastal town is ready for you.
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If you scrolled to this point, we’re ready to give you even more in-depth information about this charming Floridian small-town. Ormond Beach FL will delight you with a healthy business climate and global marketing if you decide to move there. Both the job and real estate markets are active and thriving as the local real estate agents in Ormond Beach FL know too well. Let’s see what they say about these important topics.

Real Estate Market in Ormond Beach, Florida

As their job is to help potential new residents find their dream home, real estate agents in Ormond Beach FL get to see the best of their city on a daily basis. From the most appreciating neighborhoods on the barrier island across the Halifax River to the city’s safest areas north of downtown and next to Bulow Creek State Park, Ormond Beach is sprinkled with tall palm trees and sandy beaches that will steal your heart. Realtors in Ormond Beach FL say that the median home value is around $309,000 with a year-over-year appreciation of 23.4%, and they sell at a median price of $305,000.

Considering the fact that Florida’s Ormond Beach attracts more people every year, housing developments are trying to keep up with the demand. Real estate agents in Ormond Beach FL let their clients know that the city is going through a seller’s market currently, meaning that the asking price doesn’t drop a lot during negotiations. There is just too much demand on the market for that to happen. All the more reason to get in touch with top realtors in Ormond Beach FL, and make sure you don’t lose the home that sparked your interest.

Job Market in Ormond Beach, Florida

As a principal city of the Deltona - Daytona Beach - Ormond Beach metropolitan area, the city of Ormond Beach, Florida, has multiple opportunities both inside and outside its borders. However, it has the lowest unemployment rating from all principal cities of its metropolitan area. With both the commercial and residential markets thriving, the city’s industries enjoy a healthy and engaged business market. The foreign trade zone in Ormond Beach Business Park and Airpark hosts 29 companies with over 2,900 employees. 

If you’re wondering what makes this economy thrive, real estate agents in Ormond Beach FL will blame the workforce’s education level, productivity, and competitiveness. Regarding education, Ormond Beach is home to seven colleges and universities. At the same time, the Advanced Technology Center aids businesses with various courses in career advancement, development of the workforce, and research. 

What to Expect from the Ormond Beach Job Industry

Overall, the largest employers based on realtors in Ormond Beach FL are the education, government, and healthcare industries. However, the highest paying industries are the professional, scientific, and technical services with median earnings of around $78,000. The most common occupations with the largest numbers of employees are sales and related occupations, while the highest paid jobs are legal occupations. Whichever industry your career is based on, the median household income in Ormond Beach FL is $53,000, with projected job growth of 44.6% in the next ten years. 

Relocating to a new city or state can be stressful, but you’ll find that stress will be in small quantities once you call Ormond Beach your hometown. There are many other benefits of living in this city, and real estate agents in Ormond Beach FL are ready to fill you in.

Ormond Beach, Florida’s Best Activities

We can start anywhere because this city has something to offer anyone who visits or calls it home. Realtors in Ormond Beach FL will never stop talking about the city’s beautiful beaches and easy-going way of life. Your hiking, boating, biking, camping, or kayaking experiences will begin as soon as you’re settled in. The ocean, the state parks, the river, and Relay Wildlife Management Area are ready to welcome you. Tiger Bay State Forest will keep you busy for days and, let’s not forget about the Daytona International Speedway. Another proof of why location is so important.

Just make sure you’re ready for all the relaxation and calmness you’ll find in the area because real estate agents in Ormond Beach FL will find you a home in no time. Find your best fit from the list above and let realtors in Ormond Beach FL do the rest for you.

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