Market Delineation

Definition of "Market delineation"

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Method pf determining the geographic extent of a market for a given commercial property. This will determine the suitability of locating a specific commercial property in a certain area. For example, a market delineation study determined that placing a retail department store will allow it to draw from a surrounding area with a range of up to 35 miles.


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Comments for Market Delineation


I am confused, isn't market Delineation same as segmentation?

Aug 30, 2020  11:20:57

Real Estate Agent

Hey, Leni! As defined in the glossary, market delineation is a process used to determine the geographical extent of the demand for a specific property. For example, the construction of a new shopping center is more likely to draw shoppers from three counties around the area, and this represents the market delineation. On the other hand, Market segmentation is the process of dividing the market and place potential customers into groups. Market delineation determines the reach of a certain business through geographic measurements while segmentation classifies potential buyers into groups. Using the same example with the new shopping center, a market segmentation would determine the average age of the shoppers, or determine which groups are more inclined to come to the shopping center based on social status.

Sep 07, 2020  10:58:43
Manuel Manuel said:

Who does the delineation of a vacant land for sale?

Jun 13, 2019  08:00:45

Real Estate Agent

Hello, Manuel! This sounds like something performed by a land surveyor. Please get in touch with any real estate agents in Miramar FL to find an exact answer and to list your vacant land for sale. 

Jun 13, 2019  13:11:21

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