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Whether you are seeking to sell or rent your real estate in Collin County, Texas, or want to buy a home to live in or as a real estate investment, hiring a professional real estate agent can protect your interests both personally and financially. It also helps if you know a little bit about the area of the state you are looking at and cultural landscape, so you don’t get surprises later.

This North Texas county is the seventh most populous in the state, with almost 800,000 residents. It’s part of the massive Dallas / Ft. Worth / Arlington metroplex, and benefits from the area’s booming tech industry.

Collin is the second richest county in Texas after Ft. Bend. The property taxes are among the highest in the nation, reflecting the state’s “Robin Hood” approach to funding schools. The county boasts several universities, including the majority of the University of Texas at Dallas campus.

Collin County is an amazing place to live, with blankets of Texas bluebonnets - the state flower - in the summer and winters that are generally short. Local attractions include multiple parks and nature reserves ideal for hiking, plenty of BBQ restaurants, dozens of nightclubs, and more family friendly options such as the aquatic center in the city of Plano.

Our Real Estate Agent Directory will help you locate an agent in the area if you are ready to visit open houses. Using a local real estate agent means you get expertise as well as knowledge of each city and insight into the community.

You can also get extra real estate advice from our buyers and sellers articles, read our real estate blog to stay up to date on trends and industry news, use our glossary and FAQ for education, and ensure you have a solid grasp on the region before selling or buying a home in Collin County, Texas.

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