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Top 10 Benefits of Buying Galveston, Texas Real Estate

When it comes to coastal hot spots, Texas may not be the first locale to come to mind. However, the island of Galveston is a true gem with all the allure of a beach town combined with the unique luster of a historic, Victorian-era community. In the early 1800's, Galveston was the largest city in Texas and home to the most active port west of New Orleans. The island has gone through many changes since that time, but retains its unique allure. Galveston, Texas real estate agents cite the top 10 reasons you can't go wrong when buying real estate in this charming barrier island community.

1. Historic neighborhoods.
Galveston is home to a number of gorgeous Victorian-era homes and structures. Although many original buildings and homes were damaged or destroyed in the Great Storm of 1900, revitalization efforts have been successful in restoring many of these incredible structures to their former glory.

2. Diverse Economy.
Business is thriving in Galveston in a number of industries. In particular, the medical, marine, and tourism fields are enjoying steady growth on the island.

3. Ideal Climate.
Galveston residents and tourists can enjoy the outdoors year round with moderate temperatures and favorable weather conditions overall.

4. Waterfront Properties.
Is there anything better than looking out your window in the morning to the sight of the ocean? Galveston's waterfront properties are situated on the banks of the Gulf of Mexico with gorgeous views and year-round beach access.

5. Strong Community.
Galveston has seen its share of hardship, particularly as it relates to the devastation of natural disasters. Such events could shatter a community; but Galveston shows its strength in the face of adversity, banding together to overcome and restore.

6. Fun in the Sun.
On both sides of the island, outdoor fun and adventure awaits along the piers, boardwalks, beaches, and parks. Fishing, golf, volleyball, and paddle boarding are among the favorite pastimes of Galveston residents and visitors alike.

7. Something for Everyone.
Whether you're a student at a local university, married with children, or enjoying retirement, the island of Galveston has something special to offer each and every person who visits.

8. Dining and Nightlife.
When it comes to fine dining, Galveston lives up to Texas standards. Whether you're craving good southern barbecue or obscure ethnic foods, you can find what you're looking for on the island. Dozens of hot bars and nightclubs make for a fun night on the town any night of the week.

9. Thriving Tourism.
Visitors flock to Galveston from all over the world to enjoy all the beauty and adventure the island holds. Whether here long-term or on a quick stay before a cruise, there's lots of can't miss fun for tourists on the island.

10. Barrier Island Living.
Being a Galveston resident is a truly unique way of life. Hallmarks of the barrier island lifestyle include a love for the outdoors and plenty of time spent there, friendly neighborhoods and solidarity, and an attitude of enjoying life to the fullest.

Once you've set foot on the island, you'll find your own unique reasons that Galveston real estate is an investment you'll be glad you made. To learn more, contact a Galveston, Texas real estate agent today!

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