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How to Boost the Front Area of Your Home in San Diego County, California

When you look at your front door, what is it saying? Does it say ‘welcome’? Your front door not only says a lot about your home, but it shows your personal unique style and character as well. You can make your entire front entry extremely charming and welcoming by adding just a few attractive décor touches. Real estate agents in San Diego County recommend sprucing up this key area of your home to make it feel inviting and also boost your equity. Here’s what you can do:

1. Evaluate Your Space

Take a close look at the shape of the area near your front door and how much space you have to work with. Some areas are larger than others and can hold furniture better than others, while some can only accommodate a few attractive flower pots. Before you change anything, the space and shape of your front area will determine how you’ll go about decorating it.

2. Outdoor Furniture

If you do have enough space for furniture in front of your California home, create an entire seating area with some ornamental furniture, or even a pair of small tables. By incorporating a pair of inviting chairs or bench, you are subconsciously telling your neighbors to come visit you to sit and chat.

3. Sculptural Pieces

Let your imagination run wild and implement a beautiful sculpture or water fountain near your front doorway for a refreshing and unique look. Your California real estate agent is ready to help you with any questions or ideas about getting your home ready to sell.

4. Flower Pots

What could be more inviting than pretty, fresh flowers? Set a few large pots of various flowers arranged around your front entryway or plant small flowers or shrubs nearby. Placing decorative pots on different sized stands or tables with an assortment of spring flowers is just one way to welcome your guests.

Use these tips to beautify your front door entryway in your San Diego County home. If your home looks good, you look good.

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