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Orlando Real Estate Agents


Real estate agents in Orlando, Florida

No Orlando Real Estate Agent is crazy to refute this is *the place* for families with children, with all the amazing world-class theme parks and attractions designed for them, some of the best school districts in the world and an overall “small town” feeling despite all the megalomania that Disney brings with it - by the way, we bet that most Orlando Real Estate Agents, however serious and all grown up they are, have one or two Mickey or Minnie ears stored in a drawer somewhere in their own home; make the test and ask them!
Yes, it is a place where you can return to a simpler more innocent time and we have no doubt it is one of the Best Cities for Families in the United States. However, what most Orlando Real Estate Agents will tell you is that nowadays Orlando is not just that.
Orlando is living a sort of a second wave of growth right now. It’s like the first era of tourism – initiated by Disney and Universal Studios theme-parks – is giving way to a rush of people that want to ground their roots in Central Florida not only because of all the fun to be had there, but because of all the exciting features that much attention brought to the city and its real estate. Orlando is one exciting place for someone that wants to get into the profitable fun of being a real estate investor. Just ask any Orlando Real Estate Agent how many deals he/she made for timeshares and vacation homes in the last couple of years. Florida has one big argument that all Orlando Real Estate Agents use when convincing their clients to move there: there’s no state income tax. How could they not use that, right? It’s a great way to help you start your life, without a sizeable cut from your paycheck. Jobs are getting better down there with the diversification of businesses, but if you work with construction, tourism and hospitality it’s one of the places with the most demand for workers.
Don’t waste your time. Contact one of our Orlando Real Estate Agents and allow yourself to dream again; after all, while officially the nickname of Orlando is “the city beautiful”, we’ll borrow Disney’s motto and say that Orlando is where dreams come true.