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If you love coastline vibes and gorgeous orange sunsets, Florida should be your first destination! And thank God, there are plenty of such places in the Sunshine State. One of the most popular coastal areas is the Tampa Bay region. Is there a local resort town that stands out from the crowd? You bet! Let's explore the census-designated place of Land O' Lakes, a hidden gem nestled in West Central Florida! If you want to enjoy the perfect weather from your cozy and affordable home, this is the place for you!


Why Should You Consider Moving to Land O' Lakes, Florida?

We know how tourism drives local economies. Yet, Florida's trendy havens can get overcrowded and leave a bad taste in your mouth. Why do we stress this idea? What once was a simple place to visit can quickly become your desired relocation destination. However, you want to avoid those packed areas by any means. Many people nowadays move away from congested areas and find homes in a small town with a much more relaxed atmosphere. In other words, a rural residence becomes increasingly appealing. This is what living in Land O’ Lakes Florida, delivers!


If you want to dodge the traffic and noise of big cities such as The Cigar Capital of the World or St. Petersburg, consider Land O' Lakes, Florida. This residential area has so much to offer, and it might be just what you are looking for in terms of comfort and convenience. What is Land O' Lakes known for? Is it a good fit for you? What are the pros and cons of living in the area? Stick with us to learn more about living in Land O’ Lakes Florida! And remember! You can get the most up-to-date news and housing information by contacting experienced local real estate agents in Land O' Lakes Florida!


The perks The disadvantages
  1. Thriving real estate market
  2. Excellent investment opportunities
  3. Great neighborhoods
  4. Solid local economy
  5. Booming job market
  6. Low cost of living
  7. Public safety and low crime rates
  8. Top-notch schools
  9. Welcoming community
  10. Awesome weather
  11. Numerous outdoor recreational spots
  12. Convenient location
  1. Fast-paced development
  2. High hurricane risks
  3. Few cultural and artistic venues
  4. Not walkable

Land O’Lakes Demographics


Before moving to this picturesque town, you should know more about Land O’ Lakes FL demographics. Located in Pasco County and part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida MSA, Land O' Lakes (ZIP codes: 33599, 34637, 34638, 34639) has a population of about 41,000 as of 2024. During the '90s, the town's population has increased from 8,000 residents to over 20,000. Two decades later, Land O' Lakes saw another population boom that was just as significant. Thus, considering that in 2010, its population was approximately 32K, the present-day number is genuinely awe-inspiring. 

With a median age of 41.2, the Land O’ Lakes, FL demographics include many people from all walks of life. The age distribution shows that the area qualifies as one of those small towns ideal for raising a family, and for good reasons (see Land O’ Lakes, FL crime rate and school ratings!). Also, the CDP has become one of the State's most prominent snowbird destinations.

Regarding diversity, about 76.77 percent of residents are White Caucasians. The Black or African American community is present in about 5.17 percent. Asians are represented in approximately 2.92 percent. Two or more races make up 10.73 percent of the population. Then, Native Americans are present in 0.08 percent, while other races are represented in 4.33 percent. It is also known that the population of Land O' Lakes has a higher percentage of educated people than other cities in the state.



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The Pros of Living in Land O’Lakes Florida

Residents love quite a few things about Land O' Lakes. Many have to do with the breathtaking natural backdrop, budget-friendly residential areas, and the quality of life in general. It's an all-around consensus that everyone adores the city's laid-back atmosphere. Plus, locals are outdoorsy people who love to spend time in nature. Let's find out what makes the town of Land O' Lakes, FL, such a desirable place to live!


The Land O’ Lakes Real Estate Market Is Rolling!

drone photo home lighthouseSince the local economy is built on solid foundations, the housing market in Land O' Lakes can thrive. As of December 2023, the median real estate sale price was approximately $445,000. On average, Land O’ Lakes Florida homes for sale are now available for about 23 percent more than a year before. In the big picture, Land O' Lakes properties are moderately pricier than the national average ($383K) and the Sunshine State median ($404K). 


Suppose you decide to purchase one of the Land O’ Lakes Florida homes for sale. In that case, you must know that Land O' Lakes is a slightly competitive buyer's market in Q1 2024. This translates to the housing supply outrunning the demand. Only some properties receive multiple offers and sell below the listing price by about two percent. Thus, new homebuyers are in pole position regarding price negotiations


What is the future for the Land O' Lakes, FL, real estate market? Let's consider this! The median property sale price dropped to about $360,000 in November 2023. Still, the market got back on track in December, reaching an all-time high of $445,000. This should be a clear indication of Land O' Lakes' real estate potential. 


Good Place for Property Investments

From an investor perspective, Land O’ Lakes Florida homes for sale represent a splendid investment opportunity. The local economy is gaining momentum as more people move away from the big cities in the Tampa Bay area in search of a more rural or semi-rural style of living. That is why the housing market thrives in Land O' Lakes, FL.


2024 marks an excellent time to invest in Land O' Lakes residential or commercial properties. The average home price in some of the hottest neighborhoods, especially in Connerton, Lake Thomas Pointe, and Lakeshore Ranch, can be relatively high. Why? The priciest properties are typically found in those neighborhoods with waterfront views, upscale amenities, or larger estate-sized lots. However, these are the best bets if you are looking for long-term property investments. As you stroll down the streets, you will see new construction popping up, which is a sure sign the area is quickly developing. 


The demand for housing is driving prices up. Long gone are the days when the Land O' Lakes' median home value was merely $270,000. Nonetheless, Land O’ Lakes Florida homes for sale are considered a lucrative investment for anyone who plans to expand their investment portfolio with real estate in the Tampa Bay area. 


Great Neighborhoods in Land O’ Lakes FL

aerial view photo home plantation floridaThis exquisite CDP is well known for its charming districts. Land O’ Lakes Florida neighborhoods are conveniently located, so you are tucked away from big-city noise while enjoying the perks of a master-planned community.


The enclaves of single-family homes are nestled among ponds, lakes, and a sprawling wetlands conservation area. That is why the town is considered one of the few lake communities that provides an excellent living environment while preserving the ecosystem. Land O' Lakes is lined up with forests and lakes at every turn, and the residential communities are as gorgeous as possible. Some of the best neighborhoods in Land O' Lakes, Florida, offer all the facilities and amenities you could think of.


Which Land O’ Lakes Florida neighborhoods do we recommend? 

There are numerous top-rated communities in Land O’ Lakes. Still, if you choose one of the following, you won’t regret it!


  • Connerton is a family-friendly neighborhood featuring stunning homes and excellent schools.
  • Wilderness Lake Preserve provides a peaceful setting, as fantastic nature trails and a stunning community lake surround it.
  • Oakstead is renowned for its well-maintained homes, community pool, and first-class shopping and dining options.
  • Lake Padgett Estates is a waterfront community with access to several lakes. It's ideal for adrenaline-filled water activities and nature enthusiasts.
  • Tierra Del Sol showcases newer homes and beautiful landscapes. It also facilitates convenient access to major highways, making commuting effortless.
  • Asbel Creek is a relatively recent neighborhood. Move here to benefit from affordable homes and a friendly atmosphere.  


The Local Economy Shows Potential.

portrait smiling male owner coffee shopThe local economy in Land O' Lakes, Florida, is doing more than well. The area has seen growth with new businesses opening. There's also a healthy housing market with new construction. Jobs are available, especially in retail, healthcare, and education. The community is growing, and more people are moving there for economic stability and job opportunities. Tourism also helps, as Florida is a popular destination.


Outstanding Job Market Growth and Low Cost of Living

Let's jump to concrete economic statistics! Land O' Lakes' unemployment rate was five percent better than the six percent national average in 2023. Did you know that jobs increased by about 2.4 percent in the past year? Additionally, the local future job growth (39 percent) will surpass the US average (31 percent) in the next ten years. Moreover, the average and median household income of a Land O' Lakes resident substantially exceeded the American average. Undoubtedly, 2024 and the upcoming years will be excellent times to secure a well-paying job in Land O' Lakes!


Are you concerned about the cost of living in Land O' Lakes? Don't be! Your expenses will be about two percent lower than the US average and five percent less than the Florida median! The good news is that increasing global inflation didn't significantly affect Land O' Lakes economy.


A Safe Place to Live

Another perk of living in Land O’ Lakes Florida, is that there are hardly any crimes in the area. The Land O' Lakes FL crime rate is low compared to the state average. Also, it is below the crime rates in the big cities of the Tampa Bay area, which are close to O'Lakes. The lake community is one of the safest areas in Florida, and a few things favor Land O' Lakes.


Based on Areavibes statistics for 2023, the Land O’ Lakes FL crime rate was 28 percent lower than the American average. Simultaneously, violent crimes registered in Land O' Lakes were 36 percent lower than the US median. Also, property crimes in our lovely community were less than the United States average by approximately 26 percent.


Great Schools Are Rising Up to the Occasion

great school work teenagersThe community has a dependable education system, and its top-rated schools provide excellent education for all students. Many Land O' Lakes residents have a college education and support the education system. No wonder Land O’ Lakes school ratings are off the charts! Undeniably, Land O' Lakes is an illustrative example of why Florida is considered one of the best US states for education.


  • Land O' Lakes High School is known for its International Baccalaureate (IB), an internationally recognized diploma program. Greatschools rating: 7/10.
  • Sunlake High School is celebrated for its strong academics and athletic programs. Greatschools rating: 7/10.
  • Pine View Middle School is highly regarded for its academic performance and parent involvement. Greatschools rating: 6/10.
  • Charles S. Rushe Middle School is well-rated for its supportive teachers and positive school environment. Greatschools rating: 7/10.
  • Countryside Montessori Academy is an elementary school acclaimed for its strong parent community and focus on student achievement. Greatschools rating: 10/10.


Good Weather Year-round

You'd be surprised how many people search for region-specific climate conditions before moving to a new place. So, how is the Land O’ Lakes  FL weather? Land O' Lakes, FL, is known for its terrific year-round weather, with not-too-hot summers and mild winters. The temperature in July can reach about 91 degrees, and winter lows in January are around 50 degrees. The most pleasant months of the year are November, April, and March; the least comfortable are August and July.

During the summer, people love to visit the beach areas just a 30-minute drive from Land O' Lakes, FL. However, tourism scores indicate visitors prefer to see the location from March to May and October to early December. Land O' Lakes receives about 109 days of precipitation yearly and around 248 sunny days annually. Thus, the Land O’ Lakes  FL weather won't leave you wanting for more. 

Enjoy the beautiful weather of Florida in one of the best lake communities around! However, watch out for hurricanes as Land O' Lakes as it lies in a high-risk hurricane zone


Lots of Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

roots bland cypress trees clear waterIf you love the Great Outdoors, you will soon fall in love with Land O' Lakes, FL. As its name suggests, the town is filled with lakes and ponds. Why don't you discover the gorgeous Lake Padgett or Lake Saxon, offering plenty of fitness opportunities and tranquility? In addition, you will encounter plenty of natural habitats, forests, parks, and wetland conservation areas. We recommend visiting the Conner Preserve to see its unique wildlife and wildflowers! The most common activities are walking in nature, jogging, biking, or fishing. Still, you can enjoy the natural landscape however you like. 


There are almost countless fun things to do in Land O' Lakes! For family fun, see the Land O' Lakes Recreational Complex. It has a playground, baseball fields, and basketball courts. Are you a golf enthusiast? Then, you should head to the Plantation Palms Golf Club! The course is excellent for all skill levels, whether you're a pro or just starting out. You'll enjoy the greens.


Suppose you want to experience scenic views year-round. In that case, consider buying a lakefront property with river access or a single-family home that overlooks the forest. Florida's beautiful sunsets complement the idyllic landscape, one of the best things about living in Land O’ Lakes Florida. 


Convenient Location

land o lakes florida usa mapThough Land O' Lakes does not have a beach, you can still get to the coastline in less than 30 minutes! This proximity is just one reason why the lake community is conveniently located. Suppose you work in Tampa or St. Petersburg. In that case, you can easily commute from Land O' Lakes to any of these two cities or other towns in the Tampa Bay area.


The big cities offer plenty of entertainment options, and most of them are just a short drive away. Because the lake community is conveniently located, many people buy a home in Land O' Lakes, Florida, to enjoy the laid-back lifestyle while commuting between their favorite spots in the Tampa Bay area.


The Cons of Living in Land O’ Lakes FL

Now that we have touched base on why people love the census-designated place of Land O' Lakes, Florida, it is time to discuss the community's least beloved aspects. Here are some concerns regarding the town, its future, and related elements.


Might Get Quite Busy and Crowded in the Future

As mentioned, Land O' Lakes, FL's housing market and economy are thriving, and there is a lot of new construction. However, people argue that the growth rate will negatively affect the lifestyle in the lake community. Chances are that traffic will increase significantly in the next few years. Fast development can be dangerous with little regard for its environmental impact.


This is especially true since Routes 54 and 41 run through the city. During rush hours, traffic starts to pick up quite a bit. Residents already admit that the town has turned from a rural community to a semi-rural one. If things go the same way, the community will turn urban. This will make it a less peaceful setting and affect the quality of life regarding safety, noise, and air pollution. However, residents’ fears of living near a highway shortly are entirely unfounded. 


Not Very Walkable

You might benefit from being close to the big cities, but that implies you own a car. If you don’t, you better get one quickly, or you might start to dislike living in Land O’ Lakes FL. Unfortunately, the town is not walkable,  one of the main drawbacks of the area. Nothing is close, and this is also because a lot of “untamed land” and nature separates the residential areas. Sometimes, it can genuinely feel like you’re far from civilization, distance-wise.


Not a Lot in the Way of Culture

Suppose you were looking around for theaters, museums, art galleries, and other cultural attractions. In that case, you might be surprised to find only a few in Land O' Lakes. Still, the Beck Gallery and Land of Id Museum are must-sees! Most people find it enough to be connected with nature and have a nice forest view outside their front porch. Therefore, you will probably be disappointed culture-wise.

You will see plenty of generic strip malls and the same chains repeated every 5 miles, which is fantastic for many. Still, others would prefer to enjoy more cultural attractions instead.


Let’s Take a Peek at the Secrets of Land O’ Lakes, Florida!

Now that we've covered the perks and pitfalls of living in Land O’ Lakes Florida, let's turn our attention to fascinating trivia that makes this census-designated place stand out from the other cities on Florida's west central coast!


History buffs might tip their hats to the area's past, dating back to the early to the mid-20th century. In the early 1900s, the land was a mix of thriving ranches and farms. Dairy cattle roamed around, which might give you a clue about the name's origin. However, don't confuse it with Land O' Lakes, Inc., the Arden Hills, Minnesota-based agricultural cooperative! If history fascinates you, we recommend visiting The Old Lutz Schoolhouse (1927) to observe Land O' Lakes' agrarian roots and historic progress!


Over the decades, Land O' Lakes turned away from its rural character but never lost its small-town charm. Nowadays, Land O' Lakes excels in displaying an outstanding blend of outdoor adventures and cozy community vibes. Picture a place where Friday nights are loud with high school football cheering and where weekends bring everyone to the local farmers' market.


Unique Celebrations and Festivals Spicing up Life in Land O’ Lakes, FL

two young woman drinking beerThroughout the year, the town comes alive with celebrations and festivals that keep the community buzzing. The pleasant Land O’ Lakes  FL weather also enables many colorful events that will take your breath away!

  1. One of the neighborhood favorites is the Land O' Lakes Music Festival. Imagine spending the day under the sun at Heritage Park with the best live tunes!
  2. The Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce was in charge of organizing the Annual Flapjack Festival. Picture a vivid celebration sweetened by pancakes, car shows, games, and vendors. It was a party that brought everyone together, but it is currently on hiatus.
  3. A newer tradition in the making is the Land O' Lakes Arts & Culture Fest. Culture vultures and art lovers gather to celebrate creativity, and several local artists showcase their work.
  4. Check out the Swamp Fest at the Land O' Lakes Community Center! Here, you can get a real taste of Florida with funky swamp-themed activities, music, and delicious local meals.
  5. The Land O' Lakes community lights up brighter during the holidays than a Christmas tree. The Annual Land O' Lakes Christmas Parade brings everyone out for a parade with more spirit than a cheerleading squad. Are you looking for the most incredible festive tips? Then, visit this CDP in December!


Fun Facts and Mind-blowing Trivia on Land O’ Lakes

nuve beach sign beachfrontNow, onto some fun facts! 

  • Land O' Lakes is more than just your average dot on the map. It's home to a unique "claim to fame," the clothing-optional resort, Caliente Resort. This is the place to be for those who fancy a no-tan-line tan. Still, it's not everyone's cup of tea!
  • Another cool snippet is about the town's name. You might wonder if it's connected to the butter company. The truth is, they're not related at all. Land O' Lakes got its name fair and square because of all the beautiful lakes in the area.
  • If you enjoy nature, the Suncoast Primate Sanctuary in Land O' Lakes offers up-close encounters with rescued monkeys and other exotic species.
  • It's no secret that the town is proud of its agricultural background. Yearly events like the Kumquat Festival honor the region's prized kumquat fruit.



The town of Land O' Lakes is unique and special in many ways. It has one of the best ecosystems a city could have in the Tampa Bay area. The community offers a family-friendly environment, excellent safety, top schools, and a rock-solid economy. It shouldn't surprise anyone that growth trends are positive. Under such circumstances, the housing market is fantastic both in terms of scenic views and prices. Land O’ Lakes Florida homes for sale are reasonably priced and promise an outstanding return on investment. 

It goes without saying that living in Land O' Lakes FL has a few things that could be improved. For instance, the town's accelerated growth can tarnish a once-rural community's idyllic and tranquil feel. Also, you should be aware of the high hurricane risk!

House hunters, investors, families, snowbirds, and anyone looking for a serene place should consider whether the perks outweigh the cons of living in Land O' Lakes, Florida! I believe Land O' Lakes can be the ultimate relocation destination due to its limitless natural beauty and welcoming and uplifting community. I certainly can imagine myself wandering through Conner Preserve or soaking up the sun at Lake Saxon. Though its tranquility may be uneventful for some, I would appreciate it against the hustle and bustle of any major Sunshine State city. Plus, I can easily picture living here with my family.

If you loved our article, share it with your family and friends on social media. Leave a comment below and let us know if you agree with our list of pros and cons about living in Land O' Lakes, FL.

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