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florida welcome center rest areaIs it gators and bugs all you’ll ever see while in Florida? Can hurricanes suddenly strike down upon you anywhere in the Sunshine State? Are only tourists, spring breakers, and snowbirds welcome to this excellent state? The most overused stereotypes might have deterred many from visiting the Land of Flowers. Yet you mustn’t let these shallow cliches (definitely blown out of proportion) impede you from giving Florida a chance! We’re not here to debunk hilarious misconceptions. Instead, we propose inviting you on an exciting journey to discover what are the pros and cons of living in Florida!


Beware: visiting Florida inescapably leads to the desire to relocate here!

Florida’s bright side delivers endless sunshine, swaying palm trees, mindblowing freshwater springs, and some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches. It’s a place that draws both tourists and potential residents alike, promising a diverse lifestyle. 


For this reason, we can barely think of another state with such an enormous amount of must-see places. Under such circumstances, it won’t come as a shocking revelation that Florida also features many of the best places to live in the United States. 


Don’t do it all by yourself! Rely on expert realtors in Florida!

You might also be tempted to surrender to the urge to personally explore and move to the Sunshine State. How about the most sought-after West Coast destinations? Or, perhaps you’d be more interested in Florida’s most inexpensive cities


Since home prices in Florida fluctuate wildly depending on the particular region, contacting professional local real estate agents in Florida is advised. They will point out what are the pros and cons of living in Florida and the city of your choosing.


What are the pros of living in Florida?

Living in Florida comes with various advantages that appeal to different people based on their preferences and priorities. Here are some of the commonly known perks of living in Florida.


Florida has always featured a thriving real estate market.

view above large residential houses islandDepending on the area, Florida’s real estate market can offer good opportunities for both buyers and investors. Most cities have boasted a booming housing market by withstanding adversities, such as the pandemic, recession, or housing market correction. 


As Florida’s economy benefits from flourishing tourism and exceptional job market growth, the real estate market is also thriving and constantly expanding. Some of the hottest markets in Florida are Central Florida’s Orlando, with a median home selling price of $355,000; Miami, “the cleanest city in the States” ($580,000); and Gainesville, FL ($280.800) as of October 2023. No wonder affordable homes in the Sunshine State attract many families and job-seeking individuals. In addition, it’s an open secret that Florida hosts the best snowbird communities in the country. 


Although real estate is a complex topic, and it certainly reflects the pros and cons of living in Florida, buying or investing in a property here has slight chances to backfire on you. In other words, it’s a sure hit. Besides the trendiest markets, you might want to explore some hidden gems in Florida, such as Jupiter, Panama City, or Venice, FL, featuring profitable housing opportunities.


Few states can surpass Florida in economic prospects.

miami florida usa augustThe pros of living in Florida entail experiencing a robust economy firsthand. Undeniably, Florida boasts a diverse and dynamic economy. Did you know that it features the fourth-largest state economy in the United States? Not even the increasing global inflation and recession fears can stop this train! The unemployment rate in Florida was 2.7 percent in July 2023 (instead of the six percent national average.) 


Secondly, after a minor bump registered in 2020, its GDP has constantly been increasing. In Q1 2023, Florida’s GDP reached $1.41T. Suppose you’re looking to launch a brand new company. In that case, we suggest you start in the most business-friendly cities in Florida, such as St. Petersburg, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and Naples.


Some of the major sectors contributing to the economy of Florida include:


  • Tourism: key players, like Orlando with Disney World and Universal Studios, Miami, and the Florida Keys, report substantial income year after year.
  • Agriculture: Florida is a leading producer of tomatoes, oranges, strawberries, and winter vegetables, among others, in the US. 
  • Aerospace and aviation: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and SpaceX have established headquarters in the state. Additionally, Cape Canaveral is one of the busiest spaceports in the world and a space exploration center.
  • International trade: Florida is strategically located and benefits from strong economic ties to Latin America and the Caribbean. As a result, it serves as a gateway for trade between the United States and these regions.
  • Technology in Florida has steadily grown, with startup ecosystems in cities like Miami, Tampa, and Boca Raton gaining momentum in recent years. Think of Phoenix Tower International, Reef Technology, MoonPay, or EnergyX.
  • Education. In 2023, Florida topped the list of the best states for higher education, according to US News & World Report.


Another critical chapter in the book “What are the pros and cons of living in Florida” concerns income. Florida’s tax-friendly policies are a significant pull for many, as no state income tax exists. It’s a financial advantage that can make a considerable difference in the long run.


Literally, no state can compete with Florida in terms of quality recreation!

Once you look at the countless natural beauties and most jaw-dropping natural parks, it’ll be challenging to objectively assess the pros and cons of living in Florida because all disadvantages will be obliterated in a heartbeat. 


The weather won’t rain on your parade in Florida.

happy tourist taking self portraitLet's start with the obvious - the weather. If you're a fan of basking in the sun, Florida is your Shangri-la. With an average of 237 sunny days a year, you'll seldom find yourself reaching for that umbrella. The consistent heat makes open-air activities a year-round affair, whether beach days, picnics, or just a lazy afternoon stroll.


Florida offers many captivating outdoor activities set against gorgeous backdrops. From kayaking through the Everglades to exploring the natural springs of Central Florida, there's no shortage of adventures for nature enthusiasts.


Florida is a beach bum's heaven.

Suppose you've always longed to live just a stone's throw away from a beach on a fancy waterfront property. In that case, Florida is your dream come true. With over 1,000 miles of coastline, you're spoiled for choice. From the bustling shores of Miami Beach to the serene beauty of the Panhandle, there's a beach to suit every taste. 


If you’re still not entirely convinced, we recommend you check out East Coast’s surf capital, Cocoa Beach, South Beach Park near the beautiful city of Vero Beach, or the seashell collectors’ favorite spot on Sanibel Island close to Fort Myers! The pros of living in Florida won’t get any better than this! And we haven’t mentioned the unparalleled beauty of the Gulf Coast!


Florida became synonymous with a cultural melting pot.

miami florida wynwood gardenOne of the most fantastic pros of living in Florida is the exposure to fascinating cultures. Florida is often considered a cultural melting pot due to its diverse population and the influence of various cultural, ethnic, and racial groups. The Citrus Capital has a long history of immigration and settlement, with influences from Native American, Spanish, African, Caribbean, and other cultures. 


Cities like South Semoran, Heritage Isles, Miami, and Tampa are known for their booming multiculturalism, with a large population of residents from Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and other parts of the world. This diversity is reflected in the region’s cuisine, language, music, and traditions. You can’t argue that the Sunshine State features the most multicultural cities in the US.


What are the cons of living in Florida?

In our investigation of what are the pros and cons of living in Florida, we must also cover its unpleasant aspects.


Hurricanes are a genuine threat.

While Florida’s weather is undoubtedly a selling point, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The “Hurricane State” is no stranger to tropical cyclones, and the threat of a major storm can loom large during the season. Proper preparation is essential, and residents must be vigilant and have a plan, for instance, a thorough home insurance policy (which tends to be pricier due to the heightened hurricane-related risk factor).


In addition, Florida must face environmental challenges like rising sea levels and coastal erosion. This can trigger long-term impacts on coastal communities.


Notice the economic differences in Florida!

The economy is a double-edged sword and vividly reflects the pros and cons of living in Florida. Yes, Florida offers a tax-friendly environment. Still, it has its fair share of economic challenges. Expenses can deviate significantly depending on the area, and housing prices in desirable locations can be steep. According to Forbes, Florida has the seventh-highest average rental costs in the country at $1,700. Moreover, wages in specific industries may not match the cost of living in some parts of the state. 


Before moving, it would be best to know that the cost of living in Florida is approximately eleven percent higher than the national average.


Be prepared for humid and superheated summers!

miami beach florida people viewFrankly speaking, Florida’s summers can be fierce. With temperatures soaring (often above 95 °F) and humidity levels off the charts, it’s not for the faint of heart. Air conditioning is necessary, and outdoor activities can be a sweaty affair. 


Storming tourists all year long

One of the slightly bothersome cons of living in Florida is the tourist season, which is practically every year and all of the year. Florida’s popularity as a vacation destination means you’ll be sharing the sunshine with flocks of tourists, especially in hotspots like Orlando, Tampa, and Miami. Traffic can become a nightmare in the blink of an eye. Thus, some areas can feel truly jampacked during peak seasons.


Unpredictable wildlife

Florida has many insects, including mosquitoes, fire ants, and other pests. This can be one of the disturbing cons of living in Florida and a general nuisance for residents, especially during the warmer months. And let’s not forget that Florida hosts unique and often dangerous wildlife, like black bears, snakes, coyotes, alligators, the Florida Panther, etc. Though encounters are relatively rare, they can happen. 


Suppose you’re eager to see these creatures in their natural habitat. In that case, we advise you to visit Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in Orlando, or the one and only Everglades National Park in Southern Florida!


Should you ponder moving to Florida?

sarasota florida downtown bayfront parkOne thing is sure: Florida is one of the best relocation destinations, whether single or with family. Safety shouldn’t be a concern as its crime rates are below the national average, especially in the top safest cities in Florida. From various perspectives, Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando are the most attractive cities. Yet, you can’t go wrong even if you opt for destinations under the radar, such as Zephyrhills, Pensacola, or Panama City, FL, hosting Florida’s best-kept secrets


We love Florida and firmly believe it’s worth investing your time and energy. So, grab your flip-flops and sunscreen because, in the “Tropicana State,” every day feels like a vacation!


The bottom line

So there you have a comprehensive list of what are the pros and cons of living in Florida. 


Living in the Sunshine State undoubtedly offers a unique experience with its fair share of pleasant extras and disadvantages. The pros of living in Florida are the sun-soaked beaches, diverse culture, and tax-friendly policies, which make it an appealing option for many. However, the cons of living in Florida should also be considered, like the specter of hurricanes, relatively high real estate prices, sweltering summers, and the “ruckus” of tourist season.


What do you think are the pros and cons of living in Florida? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below! If this article helped you shape your opinion about Florida, please like and share it!

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