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have ask handwriting on cup coffeeThere’s been an ongoing “war” between the young and old since the dawn of humankind. The more experienced elderly have the advantage of practical wisdom on their side. At the same time, the rookie generation will constantly go against “the outdated” traditions (let’s call it the Protocol) and try walking their own path.


This stark contrast doesn’t translate better than to the world of realtors. The question is, who will get the most leads and complete more sales? Join us as we examine how, in the 21st century, the brash young realtors break with protocol and question yesterday’s legacy on a whole new level!


Should established agents be worried about the youth gaining ground (yet)?

Let’s start with telling facts! According to Localrecordoffice, the average age of professional local real estate agents in the United States is 57 as of 2023. How come it’s so old, you may wonder. The primary explanation for the young generation’s underwhelming underrepresentation lies in the fact that clients (apparently) don’t have faith in aspiring realtors’ skills and market savvy when it comes to choosing the best representative agent. You might even say they cultivate a particular prejudice against young realtors.


So, young real estate agents may not pose a severe threat to veteran agents, at least not for a while. Still, they would be utterly irresponsible to neglect the clouds on the horizon. 


What do the more versed realtors lack the most?

person hand throws computer hard diskMore established agents do not (won’t?) use the blessings of digital and online media, for instance, online advertising, so expertly. In addition, they still question the efficiency of social media. Instead, they put their trust in the “good-old-fashioned” offline marketing.


However, investing in newspaper ads, radio and TV commercials, and billboards, among the most notable ones, requires a substantial marketing budget on their behalf. How much do realtors spend on marketing, anyway? Obviously, the answer varies for every agent and promising real estate agency. Suffice it to say that refusing to profit from online marketing’s perks is financially counterproductive. In such cases, an effective route for the more experienced and veteran realtors is to work with established real estate agencies, who will lend a helping hand with marketing and content writing.


Why can’t rookie realtors compete against seasoned “old roadsters”?

More experienced agents have an undeniable ace up their sleeve, namely word of mouth, the best advertising tool! You can’t put a price tag on a well-known name, prestige, and reliable real estate brand! These are earned through long years of hard work and humbleness toward the industry and clients. A new kid on the block can’t compete against such assets, at least not in the short run.


Still, the world is changing. The younger generations of homebuyers and sellers will prefer fresh takes on their housing representation. Millennials and Gen Z have come forward with new housing requirements. At the same time, veteran agents, while enjoying their well-deserved success, might fail to live up to unique circumstances. If they fail to track new trends in the real estate market, it’s only a matter of time before they will be pushed into the background for good.


What does the younger generation of real estate agents do better?

Picture a brand new dynamic world of real estate with fresh faces, tech-savviness, and an unquenchable hunger for success. Yes, we’re talking about young realtors who are giving the senior agents of the industry a run for their money. Make no mistake; it’s not about age. It’s about what they bring to the table. And let us tell you, these young realtors are bringing a whole new flavor to the real estate game.


They are tech wizards.

business man holding futuristic technologyAs harsh as it may sound, gone are the days of paper listings and unpractical filing systems. Young realtors have grown up with smartphones (hello, iPhone 15!) virtually glued to their hands. The best mobile phones for realtors are their best friend, connection to the outside world, and asset for doing business. And they’re not afraid to use them.


First of all, newbies to the industry have mastered the art of social media used for brand-building. Plus, they instinctively learned how to dodge social media misfires. Secondly, they have a penchant for successful online marketing strategies. Thirdly, they invented a gift for creating an interactive website for realtors because they realized online presence is a must-have. 


When a simple click can perform wonders

They’re experts in hosting virtual cyber tours. Moreover, they’ve recognized the benefits of virtual staging instead of problematic and time-consuming real-life staging. Trust us; those old-school low-resolution photos seem like relics from a bygone era (maybe their place should be in museum exhibits.)


Young realtors understand that the majority of buyers begin their home search online. They know how to create buzz-worthy listings that showcase the property’s best features and do so in a way that stops potential buyers mid-scroll. With only a click of a button, they can share a listing across multiple platforms, reaching a wider audience than ever before.


They are good at networking in a digital age.

hand holding global internetYou might think that young and inexperienced realtors, nurturing a relationship with their screens, have lost touch with the people in the business altogether. Think again! They’ve become proficient in building relationships in the digital age. Some veteran agents won’t acknowledge major digital trends revolutionizing the real estate industry.


The new generation of realtors won’t just rely on a firm handshake and a smile. Instead, they promote and facilitate connections through instant messages, personalized emails, and engaging social media content.


Young realtors comprehend that behind every transaction is a flesh-and-blood person with dreams, anxieties, and longings. They use technology not to replace human interaction but to improve upon it. For example, video calls enable them to have face-to-face conversations with clients no matter where they are. 


They know nothing beats unique and captivating content!

Good content shouldn’t stop at monotonous listings and dry property descriptions. The wisest realtors got the picture loud and clear. There’s a new king in town called content marketing. Paradoxically, the older generations of agents turn to original content hesitantly. They don’t seem to realize that writing revealing and informative content will result in more leads and boost brand recognition.


What type of content are we discussing here? For starters, an engaging bio can kickstart real estate careers. Furthermore, an agent biography can strengthen community ties. Your audience might not look at your previous experience. Still, they will consider choosing you when they see your commitment to the local community.


Secondly, start blogging and vlogging about any related topic to the real estate market. Ensure your visual and written content transmits original, authentic, reliable, and first-hand information! Online users genuinely appreciate articles and neighborhood presentations based on realtors’ own experiences. We advise you to pack your technical equipment, such as a phone, camera, voice recorder, etc., and discover your entire neighborhood! 


They present themselves as highly approachable and client-oriented agents.

insurer protecting pets his handsNow that young realtors have compiled the necessary content to work with, they will post it online. In the meantime, they won’t act like an unquestionable authority or a distant stranger. Instead, from their first YouTube video or LinkedIn presentational footage, they aim to convince potential buyers, investors, and sellers that they’re the right person for the job. Through sheer creativity, humor, and charm, they sell a highly customer-oriented image. And if they add a pet-friendly photo, success is guaranteed!


The proper platforms to publish their content are also crucial. For example, many realtors need to pay more attention to social presence on TikTok, which can be a massive blessing! Modern-day TikTokers are open to reenergized ideas about house hunting, DIY property renovations, and home sales.


Their creativity knows no boundaries!

Stale marketing techniques? Not on their watch. Young realtors are a creative bunch, unafraid to think outside the box. They understand that in a competitive market, especially during inflation, they must stand out to get noticed. So, they come up with innovative ways to showcase properties.


From 360-degree virtual tours that make you feel like you’re walking through the house to eye-catching drone footage highlighting the neighborhood’s attractiveness, these realtors know how to make a lasting impression. They’re in for selling THE experience.



Young realtors are shaking up the real estate world with their tech wizardry, reinvigorated perspectives, and infinite creativity. They’re not just pushing boundaries; they’re annihilating them. They recognized the old Protocol of offline marketing doesn’t do the trick anymore. Nevertheless, let’s be clear on one thing! This isn’t about pitting young against old. It’s about recognizing the unique strengths that each group brings to the table.


Experienced realtors offer wisdom accumulated through long years in the field. In other words, they benefit from a deep understanding of market nuances and a vast network of connections. On the other hand, young realtors lend innovation, energy, and a finger on the pulse of the digital age. It’s a powerful combination that’s shaping the future of real estate for the better.


You can be a millennial looking to buy your first home or a retiree selling the family nest. Remember this, though! The real estate game has room for everyone, young or old. After all, in a non-stop changing world, the ability to adjust, comprehend, and collaborate genuinely makes a difference.


What do you think, the older or the younger generations of real estate agents, stand a better chance of making it in the future? Let’s open the floor for thought-provoking discussion in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to like and share this article on your most beloved social media!

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