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Buying a home in Collier County can be incredibly exciting. There is so much rich history in this part of Florida, and plenty of enjoyable pastimes to participate in. A real estate agency helps you with the ins and outs of buying or selling a home, but some basic information about the region can be helpful as well.

The county is the largest in Florida when counted by land mass, and the fourth largest when counted by area. The County has been the home of several filming locations; notably the site of the Ace Ventura, Pet Detective movie starring Jim Carrey, and a key episode of the Showtime cable hit Dexter.

The vast majority of the Southeastern portion of the county is taken up by the beautiful Big Cypress National Preserve. The Southern coastline is also encroached upon by the Everglades National Park. There are also two national wildlife refuges in Collier County; the Florida Panther and the Ten Thousand Islands. The state record holder for largest male Burmese Python was captured in the county, which netted over one ton of snakes in 2016.

Collier County boasts the assorted communities of Naples, as well as the cities of Plantation Island, Pine Ridge, and Pelican Bay. Healthcare and hospitality are the main employers in the region, and the population is around 325,000 residents.

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